El Clasico – Real Madrid vs. Barcelona // Most Heated Moments { Fights, Brawls, Fouls }

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El Clasico is the biggest club rivalry in the world. In Nov. 2010 it got 400 million plus views. The game is one of the dirtiest matches in the world. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. This video contains some of Real Madrid’s dirtiest fouls, and a good amount of altercations. Enjoy.


GUEYE 10 GANA says:


Kotpur Kothra says:

Shitty, cheater madrid fc is the most currupted and worse fc ever in history all the madrid players are dirteis players ever

Kotpur Kothra says:

Madrid fc is the most currupted and dirties fc in the football history ever and all the madrid players are very dirty players except benzama ,all madrid players so worse and they don't deserve any respect from anyone no matter how good players they are , rip madrid fc.forever

ابو نادر الاحمدي says:

العنه علاالريال

Metalgear SolidSnake says:

i loved these clashes.. so intense all the time!

DDTPhoenix 12 says:

Name of song ?????

Samir Abdul says:

Madrid cerdos putos mal perdidos

Nermin Zeynalova says:

Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo ♡

syahzani azman says:

both is the best

Usu Choi says:

5:36 No offence but Ramos is the dirtiest player of all time. I'm saying this even though i am real madrid suppoter.

Botirov Alisher says:

HaLa MaDRiD///

X-HeelAkki-X says:

I fucking love pepe, savage


real madrid is full of bad boys.

Tony Koffa says:

0:34 messi showing his boxing strenght

АБРОРХОН Турахужаев says:

Рамос красавчик

Alex Toimil says:

oh mein Gott

Antonia Navarro says:

El que a echo el vídeo es un antimadridista bestial, y que pasa con lo que ha hecho el Barcelona en los derbis contra el Madrid eso lo tapamos, entradas, teatro, balones a la grada, etc.,anda y no tiene morro el que hace el vídeo, si lo haces ponlo de un lado y otro ,no de el que le interesa

George says:

pepe is the player that ill hate forever. Nothing against real madrid but he is the worst.

Asif Khan says:

Man ! The starting of the video makes me sad….Iker Casillas 😢 Miss u Legend 😢😢

Sukh 12 says:

Fuck barca



barcelona is the best

abhirup bhunia says:

Rma are most muhfuq in the world

hridi says:

it's a miracle that Spain won a world cup with this stupid rivalry

Md Ruman Molla says:

Ramos is a busturd

its Śąhíļ says:

Real maride 👍👍👌

Shama Parveen says:

Every time when real starting to loose………. Lack of sportsmanship 🙄


En todos lo clips o van empate o el Barcelona va ganando 😂😂

Arvind kumar says:

Real Madrid always known for their rough game and fights with opposition… Specially when they are going to loose….

Аот Биот says:

Хаха русский комментатор

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