Barca – FC Barcelona Chants Tutorial

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Barca / FC Barcelona chants tutorial – Learn the Barca chants sung at the Camp Nou –


Soufian Soufian says:

Forca barca visca barca


Ese portuges, hijo puta es!!!!!!

Shiddiqi Widagdo says:

tbh I feel bad for Gomez when I hear the number 6 chant :/

agreen182 says:

One day I will be in Camp Nou singing these, thanks!

Ibaad Nadeem says:

Que si que su Puta Madrid

World Champion 2018 says:

Oéeeeeee oé Barça oé popolopopopoooooo !!!!!!

F Alk says:

hala madrid

FHmohy 1 says:

the one with ronaldo is kinda sad cause his dad is dead

János Bóka says:

Puta real madrid dont only barca chants its for all teams hate REAL

MrMooemoney says:

nr 2 is great😊😊😊

zNeoCrypTic says:

texas brother here, visca barca

Dani Gilang says:

barca campeone 2017
real madrid no campeone !
puta madrid

Bibek Koirala says:

puta real madrid

SilverWolf says:

"Cules get to sing this one often… it is sung after winning a title or beating real madrid."


Roko Bjelcic says:

Barcaaaaa is my lifeeeeee

Zule González says:

Ese Portugal hijo de puta es ja ja ja ja. Si son malos.

Muhammad Syukri says:

que sii, que siiiii!!!! puta real madriiiid, puta real madriiiid, puta real madriiiid, puta real madriiiid.

Pol Batalla says:

FALTA.1899, neix el club que porto al cor, blaugrana son els colors, FUUTBOL CLUB BARCELOOONA LO, LO, LO, LO,Lololooo

FC Barcelona mes que una club says:

Puta real madrid

Not Miniminter says:

u forgot the best one LO LO LO LO LO LO LO LO LO LO BARCAAAA LO LO LO

god is gay tbh says:

Madrids chants are beatutiful ,not Ees Portuges , hijo puta es . Go search como no te voy a querer . Retarded fans

David AGILAR says:

Miyor🙈–> Millor

Enjes D says:

Per Per Per Per Per Per Si Si Si Si Si Si Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja FORZA PERSIJA

Niklas Lousa says:

i have captured video live where barca fans sings chant what i dont find anywhere can somebody help me plz go look my ig its there my ig is: niklaslou

Celso 1911 says:

wtf? "ese portugues, hirro de puta es " what do they sing that?

KDB.17 says:

¡Madrid cabrón saluda al campeón!
¡Madrid cabrón saluda al campeón!

Javi says:

Real madrid Chants tutorial is booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Edgar Jimenez says:

today is an amazing day
Barcelona win title #24

Edgar Jimenez says:

25 dislikes? must be from real madrid fans

Hafidz Hernandar says:

sel de barca es el millor que hi ha not al miyor ke ya.

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