Cant del Barca/Barcelona song, lyrics and translation

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This is the FCB song with lyrics. Enjoy;)
PS: Learn it and shout it out loud:D

Esta es la canción de FCB con letra. Disfruta;)
PD: Aprende y gritan en voz alta 😀


Mohammad Hijazi says:

Mes que in club(means more than a club

Tisu Basah says:

? i love barca @lui suare ??☕????????

Aristo Valdemar says:

Visca Barca ???❤

Viiney Dasilva Santos Junior says:


Helen Allen says:

Blau-Grana – Força Leo Messi ☆☆☆☆☆

View Tube says:

Real Madrid all the way

Firman Ikhsan says:

barca!!! barca!!! baaarca!!!

imranio1983 says:

Quality song.

TrueBlue26 says:

What we see——Football Match

What Ronaldo sees——–Fashion TV

KillerPanda007 says:

I am not as small as Messi

TrueBlue26 says:

Drown, bitch.

SadBois says:

I have homework that i need to find a song that i like and translate it to Norwgian and i take this Barca anthem 😀 Im Barca fans :)))))))

KillerPanda007 says:

Mijnheer u beheerst de Nederlandse taal blijkbaar niet zo goed. Hoogtijd om nog eens naar school te gaan en oh ja. Mijn moeder had geen vergrootglas bij dus vond ze hem niet -> U mad?!

KillerPanda007 says:

Barça sucks!!

MM32 says:

Scorpionpizza27 MITÄ VITTUA?!?

Jasmine Hubbard says:


decayray says:

the song is in catalan… part french part spanish…

Ebv 1988 says:

@BADASSEDWIN it's catalan another language

Ebv 1988 says:

@BadeEntchenx3 you suck too motherfker, best anthem ever piece of crap

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