FC Barcelona anthem + “O le le, O la la, Ser del Barça es, el millor que hi ha”

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Recorded at Camp Nou on April 3rd 2012 FC Barcelona vs AC Milan

0:00 Start of Barça anthem (lyrics and translation: http://www.footballticketsbarcelona.com/fc-barcelona-news/2013/09/13/cant-del-barca)
1:20 “O le le, O la la, Ser del Barça es, el millor que hi ha” (“Ole! Ole! Being a Barça fan, is the best there is”)


Baqarkhi says:

You can't dislike this!

Francisco Carlos says:

Samba do SALGUEIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexgomez234 says:

olele olala ser del barca es ser un subnormal

Ismail Interista says:

Public stupide !!

Paulo Dybala says:

I really miss this old crowd ;(

Juan Rios says:

Amo a este equipo los madrigays me caen en la puta de la verga son igual de putos q los americanistas saludos catalanes desde México un chiva hermano q adora el barça

Rishaban Siva says:

All Madridiots are kindly requested not to watch this video

Deadpan says:

👍if your a Milan fan too

Desperato Memotico Stomp says:

Goosebumps from a Milan fan

Wawa Ronaldo says:

And neymar left this…?

بو شهاب says:


Rashid 44 says:

I love this !!!!!

Mashael says:

Being a Barça fan, is the best thing there is!

Football Tickets Barcelona says:

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davit dateshidze says:

i love barca

davit dateshidze says:

My Team barca

sunil kohli says:

Forca barca
Fuck madrid

Angel Esak says:

y por que no cantan en su idioma español?

Gabi_Mendez96 says:

los amo Culés ♥

RobloxVEVO (Official) says:

When I was there, there wasn't that much singing as I expected.. But it was a good game!

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