Football in Ultra HD (2160p 4k)

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Football in UHD 4k shot by Panasonic, Remember to chose 2160p (4k) if possible to see full result.
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Zæeck Davidsson says:

Pensé que era PES 19

Ak Pa says:

Will it work on s9plus

Achint Singh says:

I have 1080 highest setting .it's fucking awsome

Sergius says:

1:39 Clear offside, but it is putalona

Jeremy Mejias says:


victor eli says:

que hermosura

MStudioHD says:

We need back this BARCA!

Kimthean Kea says:

Only 1440p on note 8😑

Ganertic YT says:

i need to pause the video about 1 hour to see it with non-lag RIP my internet

Deven Kenziano says:

Wtf like this real world so good video


what is the background music in this video?

Aswin Uramchokkath says:

Is this mp4

Ubeyd Yilmaz says:

But when i gonna watch it live, its so tiny and really high
I think there is only 1 4k camera that's films it

Young Alejandro says:

Extraño a ese Barcelona 💔

Oscar Valencia says:

the good old days in the camp nou 😢😢

Levsha says:

Там не 2160р качество, а 1080

kareem abedeldin says:

My internet is 101kb/s

kareem abedeldin says:

I an watching it in 1080p

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