12 year old Kurdish Boy Transfered to FC BARCELONA 4 1 Mil.$

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12 year old Kurdish boy transfered to FC barcelona to spain for 1 million dollar $ $ and his ball show crazy little football player better than ronaldinho or christiano ronaldo the most expensive transfer of the world U-16.galatasaray fenerbahce diyarbakirspor besiktas barcelona real madrid liverpool macnhester united arsenal fc chelsea bayern münchen münich feyenoord ajax psv eindhoven AZ Alkmaar milan inter lazio juventus roma world european football american soccer brasil argentina turkey kurdistan


imgame2121 says:

Jean Carlos Chera is better.

cabizertin says:

whats the name of the song

Edgar Dorantes says:

how stupid are you.. you dont have to score goals to be the best player in the world its the plays that he makes for a kid his age
ps youll never go to real madrid

Soran Situation says:

HAHA GREAT 🙂 show barca some kurdish football 🙂

aragan says:

he's not that special. he just ran passed a few 12 year olds.

dida rashoo says:

viva kurd viva kurdistan har bezet kore kurd

hammadin says:

scheiss kurde

freetyla07 says:

i can do way betta freestyle stuff im 12 and on the field im nearly as good.. my 13 year old friend is soo good he plays in my team and he rips up more than this kid

K CGC says:

1million for a kid that even can't score one goal atleast? hell i can go with real madrid and get 12milion and do nothin

Newzad Moradi says:

All footballers should follow that boy lead….. Affarin.

HardiHawleriKURD says:

KURDS!!.. 😉

xShevaa7x says:

To DiGitSuka7 – They got him for $1 million Dollars so like £500,000 or 650k euro's

Not 4.1 million

Hazar Ahmed says:

he isnt so good, i am 13 and a think im better then him allready, im to from kurdistan, but im sure he isnt so good if he playes aganst my team….

Nuri Sahin says:

Cocugun adinda bile Hayir var:Adi MUHAMMED!!

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