Official authentic FC Barcelona 14/15 Home Kit (Stadium Version) video for /r/Barca

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A video I made after seeing a lot of posts on /r/Barca regarding the new home kit, where to get it and what the qualities were like. So here is a short “walk through” video of an authentic FC Barcelona Home Kit 14/15 season (stadium version €85 in the official store, not the player version which is around €150 in the official store, the latter is meant to be used while playing football as it features air holes etc, while the former is made for fans).

One guy down in the comment left a really good, in-detail description of replicas (as the “stadium” version sometimes seems to be called), highly suggest that you read that and look around some more if you are interested in purchasing an “official” jersey as opposed to a replica/copy. Although bear in mind that there are replicas/copies of the kit that are made by 3rd parties that are of high quality, but if you buy directly via Nike or FC Barcelona you actually support the club.


Luis Herrera says:

Has been really useful this review, thanks for sharing!

ferociousfrankie says:

Does it have the intel logo on the inside patch?

YouWattsy says:

was it 85 euros with the name on the back in the official store or did you have to pay extra?

Gerald phoon says:

Could show me the stitching of the yellow piece at the chest there

Alan Gomez says:

Hi I was wondering if you had a jersey in this same style but in a size small for sale? or If you know where I could find it? Thanks!

Jose Lagunes says:

So if it has vholes on the side its real?

Brandon Austria says:

Also people, it is silly to pay 70-80€ for these jerseys. You can buy the same original jerseys for 15-20€. Yes, original. Why? Because people who have "contacts" on these Chinese or Thailandese official factories to make the jerseys "acquire" them and then sell them for a much a lower price on the internet.

You can call them replicas, or whatever you want… But when the jerseys come from the same factories as the ones sold from the official stores but the only difference being sold by someone who "acquired" them rather than the nike or adidas stores, and these jerseys having THE SAME quality as the original ones, it isn't much of a "replica" to me.

Brandon Austria says:

Erik, for the sake of people to understand you better, what you call "stadium" version is actually called "fan" version. You have the fan version and the player version. The fan version are the ones meant to be worn by people who just want to use it as casual clothing. The player version is the one that has holes on the sides of the jersey, which is meant for players that want to use it while playing football.

aqsha aprilla says:

There is an intel logo behind the Barça logo i guess

usman syed says:

So I want to buy a jersey. I want it for athletic use. Which type of jersey should I buy, the stadium or player ?

JustFrags says:

whats the difference between fc barcelona home and stadium shirts

Frankie Mejia says:

How man "uhh" is there

Hossein Izadi says:

What is a stadium version?

aqsha aprilla says:

2.10 indonesian 🙂


i got my barcelona shirt for £20. it has the air holes down the sides and the authentic logo is gold and everything

Leandro Leao says:

look at aliexpress unboxings, the replicas are perfect really simillar to that one

Stephen Peterson says:

If it doesn't have the beko logo, is it a stadium or match jersey?

kudakwashe madzana says:

True…there are replicas/copies of the kit that are made by 3rd parties that are of high quality…

Mohamad Shukri says:

If the replica jersey made in Thailand the authentic made in Thailand too…I'm so confius

Ammar Hussain says:

How many do want barca fan or player version? €40 😛
TBH barcelona official store is offending many people…
I have 15 shirts they cost me altogether €70 as I am a nike trustee so for me its cheap… lol
Even I was a guy like u I would have bought it from other stores as they have much more cheaper than the official store

Samuel Shaves and Reviews says:

it is a replica it is not the authentic player issue! 

purecotton says:

this is a replica. The only authentic shirt is the ''player'' version.

joseph love says:

Erik this jersey is a replica.

whataclassyhobo says:

In America this is considered an Official replica. Its is a very nice jersey

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