Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 3-2 All Goals & Highlights EXTENDED 28-1-2015 HD

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All Goals and Highlights 18-01-2015 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid


John Blessed says:

Neymar was so much better at Barça 😏

Ernesto Mejia says:

A huevo Barcelona

Nadjib TheAlgerian says:

Mascherano worst defender ever and the most luckiest man in the planet famous for nothing

ФАРРУХ Рузиев says:

Сука тупая дура судя.

Sandra Arzola says:

Fue fuera de area

saji davis says:

neymar ism a fan of you l will die for you he can win a match by playing alone😋😋😋😋

Ashep Setiawan says:

Simeone pelatoh specoalis runner up, kaciaan dech👎👎

Nicolas Costa Pereira says:

Esse jogo tava pegando fogo, os do Atlético de Madrid tava putasso

Arsen Zakhan says:

Арбитр чорт

Richard Shadow Boy 1995 says:


Lia Dj says:

winner barca

Dozzy Mix says:

😭😭😭сейчас инеста нету😭😭😭

Egg Master says:

Not a penalty..

Айгуль Сулейменова says:


Gambarali Baimurzaev says:

барса алга месси гол киргизип журоберсин

synthetic World Cup says:

view too much

Ly Leroy says:

torres was on fireee this game


neymar 😣😣😣

Sasha Kovalov says:

Єто испания детка,😎😎

Yherson Auqui says:

whre r madrd´s fans crying barcelona buy  referee

Yherson Auqui says:

whre r madrd´s fans crying barcelona buy  referee

Jhoan Rojas says:

exelente equipo es el BARÇA

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