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Ovvy - Best FIFA 18 Tutorials Tricks & Skills says:

And we are back with one of my favourite series of the season, let me know in the comment section which formation should we do next ??
Got any other questions? You`re welcome to tweet me @ ?

Yuval Mindel says:

Thanks man ?

Alex Smith says:

Sound like my dentist

Andres Ramírez says:

Is 87 morata considered "fast"

Volkan Kurt says:

Fuck your tactics sun of the bitch

Wesley Decenat says:

They just do anything to fool you ….
It wont work for everyone…
Each of us got a play style , learn the custom tactics numbers,
And you will find out the best number for you …
dont fall for this , you might find it easy for you ,some will have a lot of trouble playing with it ..
Best of luck..

Pavblo1 says:

Ovvy do the after patch custom tactics for this formation pls

Mark O'Brien says:

Really helped thanks ?

Mik Parker says:

Hi Ovvy, I'm totally new to fifa so I obviously need tips etc. I found your videos and I have not needed to look for others. Yours are amazing and the videos are easily explained. Thank you for your tutorials and I now consider you to be my personal trainer lol. Keep up the brilliant work.

Shanto Bhuiyaan says:

new video for latest patch pls

Carmen Tarnita says:

Salut Ovy. Ai putea sa faci si la 5- 2-2-1? E o formatie puternica si de asemenea echilibrata in ofensiva si in defensiva.
Oare cum as putea sa fac o formatie cu 5 fundasi foarte periculoasa pe ofensiva?

Desmone Battle says:

About to take this game outback and throw it in the Atlantic. What the hell is wrong with my game? When I'm attacking full out Sprint on the counter my teammates will actually stop and watch me instead of making runs. That's not the worst part I can get past that the worst part is the defense. Like wtf are they doing? It doesn't matter how high I set the pressure the a.i will literally watch the opposing team dribble inside and outside the box, smoke cigarettes, use Facebook and take a nap and won't pressure them at all. No interception attempts nothing just back peddling and watching them fucking dribble and scoring goals any time they want. There's no fucking reason why I should lose a game with 9 goals scored against and I score 7 WTH. This shit is broken. They need to fully revamp the damn a.i. as the great Jeremy Clarkson would say this is absolutely rubbish.

Ibrahim Ibrahim says:

Do on 4-2-2-2 please

Allex 1021 says:

U look like gundogan ??

Emmvnuel Magaña says:

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!

Mharlon2007 says:

Fuck! I just conceded & I lost with this tactic, fuck!

Sorinel Sorin says:

Salut Ovy ce faci cum te pot contacta ? Te rog mult sa ma ajuti cu niste raspunsuri. Bafta

TheCooPeer says:

Do you have any tips for 4-1-2-1-2 ? I feel like my players are always way to far away from the enemy to defend effectivly

Karl Jamiolkowski says:

Anyone know the song at the end?

Tomas Mcveigh says:

These tactics made my team play like shit

LG says:

Cheers Ovvy. This was a massive help

João Pimentel says:

Should the custom tactic 'crossing' be 60 if we dont play with a very tall and strong stryker??

Finn Southern says:

For anyone who has used these tactics do they work? Much appreciated if you could tell me

Parker Jackson says:

Thanks mate

Life Theory says:

Thank bro ⚽️⚽️

Sunil SB says:

Hey Ovvi.. Yesterday shifted to this formation and seen great improvement in my gameplay.. Created lot of chances with Sterling’s Countinho and Mane in Front..
Christain(year card)-Bakayako-Salah in Mid..

Only problem i had was failed to convert easy goals inside penalty box when i am close to GK.Many shots went over the bar to the sky..Can you help me with do i need to use different shot or Need to change Custom tactics..


Thx it works for me

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