Messi age 14 Barcelona Lionel Messi Best Player

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Sergio Ramos says:

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Aidan James says:

He looks taller there than he does now!

Jacob Skattner says:

same haircut, classic!

Keezy says:

messi got in pro soccer at the age of 14

TheIronic08 says:

yeah he was smaller without the hormone treatments

mynameisricon1 says:

imagine, how pride of him must be the guys who trained him back that days…


Messi is a humble player which makes him even better though

Jerin Sojan says:

Is it just me or messi is faster when he was young.

iLoveYoutuveVideos says:

Watch in a better quality by pressing the MUTE button

YouNoob984 says:

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ronaldo30115 says:

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Jonbombs says:

0:40 – Ronaldo

dccowboys1 says:

Worst music ever

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