Viagogo – LOST TICKETS, Barcelona v Real Madrid, El Classico, Nou Camp 21/04/2012

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Me and two friends travelled to Barcelona for the weekend to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Booked tickets with Viagogo to be greeted in a small office in a back street where we later discovered our tickets had been given away! We had paid £600 for these tickets as well. Excuse the aggressive language but I’m sure you can understand our frustration!

Also notice how he doesn’t deny giving our tickets away from around 5 mins 15 onwards!

Viagogo’s slogan – “All Tickets 100% Guaranteed!” – Are they sure about that?


jamcare says:

bunch of robbing cunts

GLYDR says:

Never, NEVER, buy anything from viagogo, you'd have had more success going in the office with a baseball bat , put it across one of their heads, see how fast they produce your money.

383darren says:

viagogo sell fake tickets buy from other sites i have been scammed by this company

Spicy Rohit says:

Can we get the tickets on the same day of the match is it possible that tickets are available

Spicy Rohit says:

Are tickets available on the same day of the match ? If I want to book a ticket before match how to book which site is the best

jimmythesaint says:

viagogo…are lying theives__stay away


FAAAAAAAAK I buy 2 tickets alestorm wiena this is a fake plece shitt 70 euro shitt

Batman says:

Fuck viagogo

Phil Coutinho says:

Guys pls help! I bought tickets on spanish super cup 2017 barcelona vs real madrid for 1800 euro… Are they fake? pls answer. I am too scared

The Z says:

what I saw is them offering a down grade and refund of difference but the "lads" didn't wanna sit apart from each other

Austin Jones says:

Ticketmaster for the win!

giggs112008 says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I was about to purchase tickets for Feyenoord vs Manchester United through viagogo but after seeing this…HELL NO!! Thank you so much and sorry you had to go through that nonsense.

Naoto Kizaki says:

my guess is that, one of your PC was hacked and the data of the exchange ticket(that you print out) or the login ID and Pass to Viagogo was stolen. this can also happen if you send this data to each other through e-mail.
Especially be cautious if you are, for example, college students living in a dorm, which has a low security to prevent others accessing to your computer through network. (hacking)
Thanks for your post, which gave me an idea to be careful not to send or store this data online.
If this is the case, you have to understand that it is not Viagogo's fault. we just have to be really careful handling data like this.

Farah Geedi says:

sorry for you pal

Jordi Castellà says:

And what do you think… Sandro Rosell, the evaded Barça president, is one of the founders and shareholders of Viagogo. Now they are selling the tickets for the next Clásico, yet the tickets aren't still available at the official Barça site for the club members… Wonderful!

krelshell4 says:

did you go to the game in the end or not??

Andrew Kent says:

wtf are viagogo doing!!!

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