FC Barcelona head back to the USA in the summer of 2017

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During the preseason tour, Barça will face none other than Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.
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Sam Patel says:

Will this happen this year again?? Someone pls answer


They played on my birthday yesterday

Gamertwins 109 says:

Te quiero mucho Barcelona!???❤️??

Cookies And Cream says:

OMG I am so salt. I was in Miami like a few days ago and I was gonna stay till the end of summer but i didn't I could of wentttt

Jad Tannir says:

Go Barcaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Forza Barcaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohammed_ Sadek says:

My fav player is NeymarJR

Mohammed_ Sadek says:

Who else is going to the barca vs manutd game

huzaifa bukhari says:

That chip from neymar at 0:40 ??

Kirito says:


Michael Martin says:

Anyone notice somthing about messis eye

o Garci says:

barcelona ven a mexico

CHIMBO 115 says:

When will tickets go on sale anyone know ???????

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