U11 Barcelona-USA at MIC Cup

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MIC Cup group phase game #2 FC Barca-USA vs Selecion de Salt (Spain). All goals.
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Eugenio Martinez says:

Haha! Wow, my little baby cousin Uly llanez! Lil Neymar. What a crack!

Good luck in Madrid Primito. Stay humble and make our country proud! (:

He is in the US National Team now and currently playing for Chivas USA Academy.

devious wolf says:

Little neymar steals the show.

Franky Alvarado says:

Does this team still exist.?

Didn't they leave to the chivas USA academy

Anthony Garcia says:

my team golden state beat them 4-1

Jarad Apple says:

Lad in #7 looks promising.

kildem goons says:


januzaj says:

well we all knew that neymar really belonged to barcelona

Roberto Gonzalez says:

Have you guys considered playing a friendly against the Barcelona u11 in spain? (u12.13 now)?

Gary Kleiban says:

Thank you Tim.

Tim Meyer says:

Love this response.

Aqua Man says:

Latins can really play soccer.

ahmet isc says:


Bruno KISTER says:

Le 7 c'est neymar

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