BARCELONA TRANSFER BAN until 2015! Reaction & My Opinion

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poisonsam says:

Thats not true buy raketich ter stegan bravo

Killua Fanboy says:

is it official I've heard that barca has ask for resumption 

jimakos25xD says:

Im not even a barcelona fan but this is bullcrap ! 

Gili Fifa says:

i hatebarca so dis is great

Ahmed Amr says:

I am disappointed 🙁

Phillysports0822 says:

It's bullcrap decision

Kohn Man says:

It will only be harmful to barca if madrid make some crazy signings over the next 2 years. Which of coarse they will.

Stefan Tyson says:

hmm this is a shocker from messi to sandro to neymar now the youth academy :'(

KMaark says:

BULLSHIT! Someone is against us in secret but Faust told everybode that they will find out who is it

Rafael Gonzales Diaz says:

clubs like liverpool, chelsea, city etc do the same thing…

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