Why Barça’s transfer ban is a GOOD thing

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We need marco reus and we dont need any one else

Thapat Tantikanchanakul says:

I am both agree and disagree with you. The pros of this ban is in the end we can keep Dani like you said and we are well covered in the back, maybe in the front. But I think our midfield really need more depth. As Xavi departed, there are no one could be considered as usable. S.Roberto and Rafinha haven't flourished yet. The need more time, with low responsibility, to gel into the 11 line-up. The lads are so talented but still young and lack consistency. We need someone with experience who can be put in to the field and play like matured, keep the calm, especially in the big games after the winter brake. 

Now there's speculation about Arda Turan coming in. Hopefully the new president give him a nod.

Brandon Arneaud says:

Nice video 👍

Thomas Grizzell says:

Barca will sign Gundogan and pogba.

Runner man says:

The only player I would like us to get this summer would be Isco, I know he's a Real Madrid. But he could slide right in with the squad since he suits are style of play better than Pogba, Verratti, and Gundogan. Also I would like to see Munir and Sandro Ramirez loaned out. Ramirez will be a suitable for Suarez in 2 or 3 years time.

Muhammad Najeeb says:

to be honest, I feel bad for Douglas, what about him?

Nephilim727 says:

I agree with everything you just said but who is gonna substitute our midfielders during the games? Xavi was there to either replace Rakitić, Iniesta or Sergio.Don't think we have many others fitting the role on the bench or do we? Vidal maybe?

Marko Keipi says:

Hey, interesting video, but you have to remember we got very lucky this season with injuries and all(that's why we succeed even with the ban). This season even Pedro felt like a waste, because Messi/Neymar/Suarez were basically healthy the whole season. Anyway, we were basically able to play the whole season without key injuries, that was the single biggest thing for our success and why we played so well. No injuries. I don't expect things to go this well next season and that's why we need all this depth, our defense seems to have good depth, now with Vidal and Alves. I would still like to add someone to midfield, like Rakitic last season. We need someone to take over Iniesta in 1-3 years.


What's your opinion about this whole Messi tax fraud thing? I tell the RM fans how amazing messi is and they keep responding with tax fraud and it's getting annoying. You think this whole tax fraud thing will go away or will it get worse for Messi and it might have some negative outcomes for Messi?

Tony says:

Great videos (: keep them coming 😀 love you talkfcb <3

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