FC Barcelona Gladiator Pep Guardiola’s motivatonal video Final Champions Rome 2009

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Pep did this video, with the national catalonian TV help, to motivate his players before the champions league final match. He wanted a video that evolves the best moments of the season and mix them with some gladiator scenes and the soundtrack of the movie.


Púnico says:

Como puede ser capaz de mezclar gladiator con el barcelona… dios mio

waferla1 says:

Pavarotti- Nessun Dorma

Tomas D'Alessio says:

pep guardiola no sirve para nada esas champions las ganaba yo tambien con ese equipo manga de inutiles

chmielewskii says:

I miss this team. 

Eddy Garcia S. says:

Hay grandes momentos muy bien recopilados!

Maestro kw says:

2009! meilleur équipe de l histoire du football! mes un club!!!

Gabriel Concha says:

such a mediocre video, i cant believe there are peopple who think it is any good…

tqnguyenvn says:

what's the name of the song btw? the first one I mean

Igniz says:

but bayern is a very strong team even without guardiola

David Morris says:

just read Pep Guardiola- Another way of winning by Guillem Balague and this video was mentioned in the book. Excuse the sceptiscm, but will he be a successful coach without Iniesta and Messi up front for him? Time at Bayern will tell. Fair play to him though, seems a decent bloke

Leidnner says:

Visca el equipo que mejor ha jugado al fútbol en la historia!!!!!!!!!!!

Leidnner says:

tú si que eres un robo


pobre pep , ha usado a un español como motivacion
por si no lo sabeis , el verdadero gladiador lo era

rajngla77vol2 says:


MAIDEN2 says:

Veig ridicul aixó de posar gladiator als futbolistes, ni que anessin a la guerra, ara que penso, si es que hi han guerres de veritat, y fem aquest símils……… lamentable.

PeterHotmanFuxon says:

Guardiola I´ll miss you

alexcm8 HD says:

National catalonian tv? 😉 Catalonia is Spain and if u dont think that sry xD but "Catalonia" Will be EVER a part of Spain 😛

Jens Jespersen says:

the biggest experience in my life, were at camp nou, wathing Barcá against Milan last year..
Everything about the club and city is facinating, and i really love it.
Barcá <3

iberodelfuturo says:

@bojankrkiic denada xd……ah y aupa alba

Sònia Aguilar González says:

@iberodelfuturo y gracias:)

Sònia Aguilar González says:

@iberodelfuturo hala madrid? JAJAJAJAJAJAJA para nada.

Manuel Jd says:

Gladiator o sea el personaje interpretado por Crowe era un Hispano, al que le gritaban Hispano en el Circo, no Catalán, creo que a un toti como Guardiola, no le gustaría la comparación.

iberodelfuturo says:

@martin7257 es gladiator main theme…..HALA MADRID¡¡¡

iberodelfuturo says:

@bojankrkiic es la banda sonora de las cronicas de narnia……..HALA MADRID¡¡¡

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