Passing Football Drills with Barca Master Control with Nike Football+ – Google Chrome2.flv

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Mamun Mmc says:

I see many people keep on speaking about Spovelax Training Program (google search it). But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular training program?

Elvis K says:

Tito :'(

pieceofmind89 says:

a very good drill. this tecnique matters a lot in a game. ive seen many players no able to handle a air ball coming down to them. this needs to be practiced by everyone.

Stalin Jawa Aupai says:

As a Coach it is great to learn new methods of tarining that should help me show other coaches I am helping out.

Amy Saen says:

Great Tito!

Le Dick says:

Real players need to watch this

Tomas Rauckis says:

I can do this. Just let me charge my ps3 controller

Bill Lessig says:

Use your Coach
Pad to quickly and accurately mirror the video exercises presented
… scan-download & file.

alexander rodriguez says:

Fuck You Villanova!

Nelson Ribeiro says:

Doing this isn't a problem… the thing is doing this during a game. This only one drill, there are so many…it's basic, however good things are basic, including techniques.

mufeed homran says:

i consider myslef amateur because i dont play for a big pro team but i can do this infact i do it in every fun practice if you dont know how to control the ball from air and control it close and shoot than most likely you only watch football but didnt grow up playing it

Vegard Klaus says:

Yes, they can. This is basic basic basic stuff.

nick ro says:

i can do it and i am only 13

Hung Beo says:

Tito vilanova. I dont know anythng about him but now.

P Dubs says:

Where is the passing part of this Passing Football Drill?

conor szalajko says:

follow me on twitter @szalajko95 training to caoch

JukkaMaestro says:

well i dont know about you guys, but this is very easy… done it a few times when ive practiced…

Gabe B says:

Tito Villanova can actually play.

r0xa says:

but its not that hard.

Zain kahn says:

that guy is a legend.

Aisrel Isidora says:

vilanova! lol!

davidme5 says:

2 years later the man in 0:09 heads fc barcelona xD

bojang 14 says:

wow great but i can do this its simple

7europeanfootballer7 says:

this player has a really good ballcontrol

Hanan Rasul says:

positioning and fitness is where most people fail!

Rodrigo Mariath says:

ima be a player bch when i score my goal in champions league finals for real madrid youll remember me biotch

Rodrigo Mariath says:

lol easy peasy

Ash says:

Im an amateur and i can. you can too, just practice

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