REVEALED – FIFA 18 stats for Chelsea’s Hazard, Luiz & Christensen!

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The time has come to give Chelsea F.C’s Eden Hazard, David Luiz and Andreas Christensen their FIFA 18 stats! Will they be happy with their new ratings?!

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Hallam Hawker says:

When Christensen speaks better English than kane

szymsonnn Haze says:


Trevor Hassell says:

Every game they make it easier to dribble while they make Luiz slow af… I see why multiplayer is the way it is now smh

Terry Tong says:

If Hazard has 92 on Dribble. Messi and Neymar should be 392.

kobani Kurdistan says:

Love chelsea
Love them boy's

Slinyz says:

hazard was second highest after David De Gea

4shOctopus says:

Woah hazards 9…💯😋😏😏😋

Lovro Culo says:

Wtf David Luiz 64 shot look at WC 2014

Blue warrior 5231 says:

Christensen didn’t say a thing he was ei

Radman H says:

david hilarious

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