Barcelona Player Salaries 2017-18

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Barcelona Player Salaries 2017-18

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Muh Rich says:

Bye iniesta

Juan Nicolas says:

Messi el mejor

Jose Mata says:

Where is coutinho

Dieom says:

Neymars was like 12 bucks lmao i think thats why he left

Ayk Bayanduryan says:

It full of shit Messi is lile clean 50m a year 😉

Vishal Jaunky says:

Dembele is a fraud! Not worth even 20k!

Blank Picture says:

Pique Contract has been renewed!!

Hamid conteh says:


Mohd Elsa says:

Dude inistea is Wrong,He just signed a contract as well as Messi

Giao Long says:

Wonder neymar left lolz

Giao Long says:

Barca pay there players so shit

Zafar Makhmudov says:

I can't believe Turan and Alcaser getting more wage than Umtiti and Roberto, both of them definitely deserve a pay rise

Simba Kanyuchi says:

Song name please

The Future says:

Next do bayern

XzelZ X says:

Bayern munich please

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