Ousmane Dembele Goal ⚽ Real Valladolid Vs Barcelona 0-1 ⚽ 2018\2019 HD #Barcelona #Dembele

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StefanoBolis96 says:

▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ?⚽ Read Me!Leggimi! ⚽? █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃
? FB Page → https://www.facebook.com/StefanoBolis96-Football-Page-1366103303534459/
? Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/stefanobolis96/
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Prolific Powers says:

Amazing content! Keep track of the videos, excited about looking at much more of these

LMTR14 says:

kick out that fucking valverde already!!!

Hejtuje Nie wiem co. says:


Mark Mclean says:

Please keep dembele

imbrawler dubz says:

Wow primera division and the pitch is deplorable. Embarrassing

Victor Woha says:

Suarez passing is insane.Especially for a striker.Wow.He also made similar paasing to cavani against portugal

Javier S says:

Soy del barcelona desde los tiempos de ronaldinho, pero la verdad me preocupa mucho el caso dembele.
No sabe tomar decisiones en el área, regatea para terminar en situaciones sin salida, no da buenos pases, y no define bien frente al arquero. Sólo mete goles con esos bombazos desde lejos cuando el portero no se lo espera.
Este gol en particular sólo lo metió gracias a que la defensa del Valladolid lo dejó sin marca ya que pensaban que la pelota iba fuera.
Muchos barcelonistas lo defienden sólo por defender la inversión del club.
Si el argumento es que tiene que crecer todavía, entonces que crezca cedido en otro equipo o en los partidos de copa del rey.

Benjamin Koffour says:

Hi bro Young M.A i am Benjamin i want to be your friend in my life… i don't have parents in my life i want one who can help me I hope O. Dembele will help me if you have love to help me please call me +233557519842 i love you all bye

enzo teixeira de oliveira says:

Vai Barça!!!!!

Manuel Kvistar zzzui says:

Contra o il primer portero delle mundo em mi opinión!?

John Kennedy Caqui Rojas says:

Arriba Barca crj

Leandro Silva says:

This narrator have horny for Suarez…like that amazing gol by Neymar, he only speaks of Suarez

Amine Mojito says:

2nd times Dembele saves barça in 3games

Thiaasmaa BaWeMonAmi says:


Mattex Bingle says:

Dembele Amazing… We have the best generation ever un France actualy… All these young players Come from Paris !! Take Care and enjoy the spectacle ???⚽⚽⚽???????

Man Cock says:

Sorry Messi did not score a goal
Lionel, have you already called the president of the Argentina Football Federation to appoint Argentina Diego Simeone as head coach of Argentina?
Do you want Diego Simeone to be the head coach of Argentina?
Only with Diego Simeone you will be able to win the World Cup

Poiupooiu says:

The best club. #ViscaBarça ?? ???

I'mTheDaddy Q says:

barca renting var refs now? lmao, missy earns more than their whole team and coaching staff put together but barca had to rob such a small team, disgraceful, by the way so was missys performance, shambolic

joshua purnama says:

Wait is suarez or dembele the one who scores

khabib gomez says:

Tap in lol 150M for this crap ??????

El Sulli Ban says:


le parigot du 91 says:

Long live Africa

Jack werty says:

Hala Madrid

AyoFox says:

Forza barcellona grande Stefano bellvideo

Kolor End says:

que vergüenza el césped Dios mío. Luego diremos que tenemos la mejor liga del mundo..

Savage Got Game says:

Looking for the hater

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