BARCELONA Transfer News | 5 Players BARCELONA Need To Regain DOMINANCE Ft. Griezmann Eriksen Dybala

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BARCELONA Transfer News | 5 Players BARCELONA Need To Regain DOMINANCE Ft. Griezmann Eriksen Dybala

The best way to stream FIFA World Cup 2018 :

The video features 5 signings FC BARCELONA should make in this transfer window in 5 key positions to strengthen their lineup & regain dominance in world football.

Centre Mid Picks : Christian Eriksen, Marco Verratti, Miralem Pjanic & Thiago Alcantara

Left Back Picks : David Alaba, Marcos Alonso & Alex Sandro

Centre Forward / False 9 Picks : Antoine Griezmann, Firmino, Paulo Dybala

Centre Back ( Prospect ) Picks : Matthijs de Ligt, Clement Lenglet, Andreas Christensen

Winger ( Prospect ) Picks : Justin Kluivert, Jadon Sancho, Emre Mor

The video also features a DOMINANCE LINEUP which shows how these players could fit into BARCELONA’s system which includes current players as well as players linked to Barcelona ( Potential Transfers / Transfer Targets ) according to the latest FC Barcelona Transfer News.


The Football Guy says:

9:35 de Ligt instead of Alaba. Sorry for that mistake.

ss max17 says:

MSN is way better

Dipali aafrzź says:

I liked the style of the video

Salty MightySprite567 says:

NO! suarez has to stay! Then MSC will not be the Same! (Messi,suarez,coutinho is msc.)

prasenjit das says:


Nabila Ashraf says:

Are you trying to break messi and Suarez

Marios Rossidis says:

Who cares about Barcelona

Hafeni06 Astermu says:

for wingers i think they should go for mbappe or martial or ty to get neymar back cause im a huge!!!!!!! MSN fan

Mathew Tomy says:

centre forward

Mathew Tomy says:

messi in the middle please

Dan fan Until says:

Sergio Ramos at CB

Damacus Lidia says:

giroud winger is the best player of france next to pogba

Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah says:

I wish they bought Dybala in the 17/18 summer to replace Ney but Barca's president says he "plays too similar to Messi". That's a dumb excuse. That's the exact reason you need him. One Messi is dangerous enough. Two Messi-like players would dominate Europe and Spain.

Manju Shrestha says:

Neymar can come to BARCA in January

M V says:

Dembele will stay

Sulbee Lee says:

plus i dont no if you are even the fc barcelona coach

Sulbee Lee says:

I think the barcelona coach should change suares to antonie griezman he was prety good at this world cup russia

Gongrei Gongmei says:

suarez will never leave barca

Justina Endjala says:

5. Eriksen 4.Alaba 3.Dybala 2.Christensen 1.Sancho

Nightingle Momin says:

Barcelona need Eden Hazard

FSM AA12 says:

Song name ?

Electro Volt says:

9:50 Alaba appears in the starting Line-Up and on the bench

Francesca Schembri says:

what aout picking mbappe

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