Alex Song (Barcelona) vs Real Betis.

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Crack Sancho says:

song 3:53? name?

TrueFutbal says:

What version of wide awake is this anyone?

ThePaddy3107 says:

Doesn't have the discipline to play as a single holding midfielder, naturally his best position looks to be further up the pitch

MusawerAmin says:

WOWW he falls down so much

NinJah15 nV says:

Song would have been so freaking solid at Barca if they played him often at his natural position of CDM but they tried to turn him into another Mascherano and play him as a defender. He couldn't adapt like Mascherano and Busquets is just to good at what he does to be dethroned. Hope he makes his way back to a good side where he will get a lot of playing time always liked him.

Kairo says:

its actually so hard to find a video of him playing


What's the differente between an IPod and FC Barcelonaa?

The IPod is playing Song.

Joshua Matheus says:

amazing vision 
poor ball control

Louis Wang says:

although that through pass was a truly incredible pass, judging from this video song did pretty poorly this game. I hope the barcelona midfield opens up soon to allow him more playing time so he can shine like he did at arsenal

Jack wilshere says:

Just an amazing game.

Jack wilshere says:

It's shame that arsenal miss this player.We still miss you Alexander Song.

10nickthered says:

Barcelona ruined him, now he's just a mere shell of what he used to be. A pity.

Ryan Johnson says:

APPARENTLY, David Moyes plans to bring him to United for £12million in the summer.

arsenalgooner95 says:

Song we miss you. come home ok

Guleed Sirat says:

More of his videos please..Number 1 Alex fan here

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