Visiting Barcelona FC: The CAMP NOU EXPERIENCE!

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kurkulem grg loel says:

3:42 nepali boy and girl talking behind lol

Justin Calabro says:

Capacity is 99,838

Clint Eastwood says:

Max. capacity of the Nou Camp – 98,000

Flaco Fausto says:

Only yanks say SOCCER, it's FOOTBALL, "FC" means Football Club.

iitsIcoN says:

what's the name of the background song?

Katon Gokakyu no jutsu says:

Well 5 times tied with liverpool 86 trophys 4 more than madrid BARCELONA >>>>>LIVERPOOL

Jack Beal says:

I was there a week ago

AFCA 1900 says:

lol that sucks, why not going to a real match?

Wolverine Fan says:

capacity =90.000 approximately!!

Mohammed Bassal says:

I went there its so awesome

Hydro2oo9 says:

23 euros I think, so just less than 20 quid.

Elliot Power says:

How much did this cost?

Yassi Koussa says:

Best part- "four that's cute. But we all know liverpool won it 5 times"

Stephen Donegan says:

Good video bro. "4 Thats cute, we know Liverpool have won it 5 times" LOL…..!

László Kovacs says:

Weird to think me and you have stood in the same spot now haha. I climbed the stairs too

antimadridistazd says:

great video! Visca el Barça and YNWA Liverpool 🙂

philyburkhill1 says:

not a real european cup 🙂

Sage Youngblood says:

lol good video!!

mufc4527 says:

I went the nou camp as a kid in the late 90s was lucky enough to see a public training session where i seen rivaldo a most probably a young xavi, looks like inside the stadium has changed loads from what i remember, then again it probably would in 14/15years. Nice video.

Joe Mastoloni says:

dude Camp Nou holds about 95K!!! Anfield is peanuts compared to it, even with the expected renovations! Took the same tour last July…some things have changed, some have stayed the same. Good to see! Lets see some footage from Athens and Istanbul!

Hannibal Barca says:

Did you watch the PSG vs Barca game?

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