Sevilla FC Anthem VS Barca 2012.9.29

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Sevilla FC Anthem VS Barca 2012.9.29


XAVI68S says:

Tito Vilanova 🙁

Darkness to Nur says:

Respect from hercules tangier

Gerçekleri Söyleyen Adam says:

Respect from Turkey in Fenerbahçe

AEZ says:

That is the most fascinating thing i ever saw .. RESPECT AND LOVE FROM TUNISIA 🔥❤

Chua Hua En says:

Goosebumps man

Lukas Lindström says:

From a Real m fan, i live this song

F1 FAN says:

The most beautiful song I ever heard

Batu Yavuz says:

Fenerbahçe&Sevilla 💙💛 ⚪️🔴

Shisui Uchiha says:

Respecto from Raja Casablanca

Izzet Unal says:

Respect from BESIKTAS!!


One of the most beautiful, maybe the most beautiful, anthem of Spanish football. Greetings from Germany.

th 32 says:

Respect from Brasil

BoxingGB says:

Respect from Manchester United! Class fans

Mattia Nardi says:


FaDi ObEiD says:

The best anthem i ever heard… Amazing

Barca fan

tonymontana822 says:

I'm a Barca fan from eternity but this gives me goosebumps.Freakin Epic.

Mindaugas Valuckas says:

One of the best football anthem. Sevilla!! respect from Lithuania.

Daniel reis Reis says:

o hino sevilha marinlhoso

Daniel reis Reis says:

sou cruzerense no brasil torcedor sevillha quando joga luiz fabiano ate na espanha o hino sevinlha no brasil torcedor cruzeiro e na espanha sou sevilhista ate morte no brasil cruzerense ate morte

Silverado says:

Sevilla anthem it's so beautiful than even the two girls in Barça shirt singing it.

Coolcol44 says:

Leicester fan here…. I want to both matches against Seville and met a lot of you Seville fans and we all got along brilliantly. Just to say I love your Seville anthem you sing at the start of your matches….very passionate and hypnotic

Livin Varghese says:

hearty wishes from India😌

redwhite_040 says:

Support your local. Love these kind of Clubs !! Respect from PSV Eindhoven

Sole Fab videos 2econd says:

Respect from Denmark! Amazing

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