2015/2016 Authentic FC Barcelona Home Jersey – Unboxing and Review (4K)

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Twitter and Instagram: @fcbonlyofficial
This is an unboxing and review video of the new 2015/2016 Barcelona authentic home jersey by Nike.
Buy It Now: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/soccer-clubs-barcelona-clothing/bgdZ986Z99m


Pablo Gonzalez says:

Hello, Where Can I Buy A Jersey Like This One, Replica Would Be Fine Too, I Just Don't Wanna Get Scammed Or Get a Fake Jersey

Iván Rodríguez says:

Alguien aquí habla español? tengo una duda, entonces la camiseta original no debe de tener número ni nombre atrás? o si?, otra duda, la parte donde dice "Més que un club" debe de haber un cuadro azul o no importa el color?

Americanpie1 says:

Did Nike store run out of the Authentic FC Barcelona Home Jersey Gold Tag? All I see is the Stadium on the Nike site? Please do tell,, Thanks

afkham7 says:

i clicked the link and I dont see the same jersey, the one they are selling looks like the replica. where can i get the player authentic jersey

Andre Reed says:

I have a question, i'm 15 years old and 5'10
My measurements are:
Chest: 95 cm
Waist: 84 cm
Hip: 95 cm
I like tight fit, not too loose but not too tight
Would you recommend me "s" or "m"?

nicogrohl malv says:


Phantom delta soccer star Ej Delta says:

Do One with 3 Barcelona shirts like the 2015 shirt

ViscaElBarca says:

just got one today but not authentic one, just way too expensive

Ardian Selimi says:

what size is that

congapraise says:

This looks like the layers version with it being very see-through….. This isn't the stadium version right?

vieri864 says:

is the material of the jersey like a see through mesh material?

OGRUFC says:

Your intro scared the shit outta me

Ties Berkenbosch says:

For €150 you should have shorts socks and backprint

Lastrinux says:

This t-shirt aren't original

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