2015 vs 2016 Authentic FC Barcelona Home Jersey – Comparison (4K)

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This is a comparison video of the 2014/2015 Authentic Home Jersey and 2015/2016 FC Barcelona home jersey.


Karim Lekehal says:

hello I want to buy the exact same 2015 jersey where i can found it please

Vinod Yadav says:

could give a review on the new barca jersey difference btw original replicas n fake replica ??

Randy Orton says:

trash jersey vs trash jersey

Champagne Is Good For Your Soul says:

I was able to get a 2016 jersey signed by lionel

thejuice77 says:

How does a medium original fit??? I heard they r a little slimmer than the replicas.


it's 2015


it's not a new jersey
the 2016

xXEdXx17 says:

Anyone still mad about the major change from vertical to horizontal burgundy stripes?

kevin seetram says:

where can i get the champions league jersey to buy???

Ammar Almunssory says:

im asking if the real jersey makes any diffrence than the fake when u play

Just Justin says:

New Or Old? I Like Old But New Is Kinda Nice.

marco muñoz says:

FCB Gran Equipo XD…

TheDavidnator10 says:

The 14-15 home jersey is impossible to find nowadays. Good video nonetheless I'm planning on getting the new authentic jersey

James Robles says:

Hey, nice video, i just want to know, what size are your jerseys?

Phil Annan says:

Have a really important question, do you wash the jersey by hands or by washing machine. Also do you put the jersey inside the dryer. I hope you reply because i wont to buy a authentic jersey but i also don't want to ruin it.

Hafshah Hashim says:

which club jersey is popular right now for 2015/16??

Christy Howell says:

Thank you very much! You saved me from purchasing a fake!

Diego Alberto Ortiz Mariscal says:

Nice videos but you gotta improve your English

Laoxkidd1198 says:

I actually like both jerseys both very nice

Michael Bell says:


do you have the Home Match Jersey 14/15 in size M? If so, would you sell it?


ΛLΛΠ 1993 says:

where can I buy the new jersey? authentic.

FHS says:

This season's was my favourite kit ever. 2016 kit is growing on me but it doesn't compare. The Barca logo was so much better last season too! Great video man

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