watch DANI ALVES’s Reaction JUVENTUS vs FC BARCELONA شاهد ردة فعل داني ألفيس – يوفنتوس ضد برشلونة

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شهد مصطفى says:

بكيت ???

Leila 10 says:

And now iniesta leaves … end of an era ??


Gracias , nice video , we love you Dani Alves


wonderfull video
dani alves my favorite player
thanks for the video , i like it

Zio Billy says:

Chiellini 3-0 è finita

Vidoni Yannick says:

We were all very happy with him and to have him but all this slaps against Juve now are not cool.

Johnny Depp says:

Alves love Neymar like a puppy

THE LeGeNd says:

What a legend, I really miss his tiki taka passing with messi ?

by 1000 subs a video video says:

Whats the name of the song

daniel ramirez says:

He a real one ??

Sabah Sabahou says:

im crying i miss barcelona i miss alves and neymar in barcelona you know what fuck football is not just a game ????????

Berin -Ninja says:

Só quem perdeu com a covardia do Barcelona com Daniel Alves foi o próprio Barcelona.

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