AS Roma official anthem live from Stadio Olimpico

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amazing anthem from amazing crowd from Olimpico


R says:

roma merda
lazio is the club of the capital

Gareth Davies says:

awesome anthem

Maurice Schimmer says:

Feyenoord ❤ Roma

Xristos Anemis says:

Roma ??☘️?

SHARK TEAM 123 says:

Best anthem! (City Fan)

Jailson Barbudo says:

Respect desde Bayern muchen

Ahmet Canyurt says:

Respect From Beşiktaş | çArşı!

Mustapha El Zine says:

Respect from Paris respect for totti ?❤️

Oğuzhan Öztürk says:


arno33arno1 says:

Magnifica !!!

Bob UK says:

Brilliant Roma fans. Unlike the animals who attacked Sean. This is what it should be. Beautiful song in a stunning atmosphere.

African Horn says:

Roma Roma Roma !!! My blood boils for Roma!! I love you From Somalia #USA

Gordon says:

From a Norwegian Liverpool supporter. RESPECT!

voe oxford says:

wonderful Roma !! we love you  from rio de janeiro..Brazil

WANG Tianyao says:

Respect from China

RichieHorse says:

Come on Roma another performance like the one against Barcelona you can dig in rough them up a bit. I hope their cunt fans don't cause any trouble and rob all the shops as they do. Forza Roma Forza Italia. Respect.

Grandson of Sam NiFDy says:

Is Roma full of Pakistanis? It can’t be safe for women among all these Muslim men. Terrifying. I had no idea so many Turks lived in Roma.

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