Roma vs Barcelona 3-0 All Highlights

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Little Lord says:

I was so happy Barcelona was dead …hahahah

said Iddouch says:


Collatron 93 says:

Thought this was 44toons

Dark-Knight says:

messi dream should be about world cup not uefa

dotphilia says:

I didn't understand what happened in the video. I didn't understand what happened in the match. I don't understand what's happening with my life

mario de Escorpión says:

Significa no tengas de menos a nadie

it's me says:

How dare u can talk wrong about Barcelona

Philip Simoes says:

Its sucks ass

ali safieddine says:

Hehe. That's what precisely happened. They though they where in a picnic. They paid for that.

Ikram Hasib says:

no variations. all video is like as same.

Damian Rdm says:

ahahaahahah nice video tiki taka boom Boom BOOM 😀

cringe channel says:

What a fake 44200ns is way better

hashim siddig says:

I'm a barca fan😍❤
But this one makes me laugh 😂

I liked the video

Mr Jeckyl says:

Muy buen video, la verdad es que así jugo mi equipo, no hay excusas pero si el reclamo de un mal partido y un mal planteamiento. Pero eso es lo bello del fútbol, todo puede pasar.

joshua akotia says:

Hopefully JUVENTUS win

pikos apikos says:

You showed the way that Barcelona played yesterday in an absolutely true way!!! Well done!👍

ŝâfă X BǾŶ says:

Fock yuo
گةواد قةحبة باب لةقوزي دايكت بم كوري عيزي

meh eh says:

Damn Barca are So fucking shit lmaoo

Kamil Kakareko says:


Tounsi Behi says:

Very accurate cartoon Barcelona last night played with disgrace.

Marek Stypułkowski says:

Po polsku: Fajna wyobraźnia

TS711 FOOTBA says:

Poor Messi
And great vedeo 💥 keep it up ❤️
Ways clear for real Madrid 🔥 yeahhh!!!

men at work says:

Plz (Barca) leave that disgusting (tikitak) its be amer to old, now every One know how to destroy it, plz all the world playing fast football, log passes, short passes but all with fast, high spirit vavid, and the important things not all the team playing to serve One player, your way(barca) look like 1930_1950 year, also 80 %of Barca players are classB they not deserve to be in strong name team, yes the Barca adminestration club, really greedy and stingy, plz changes them

Green Pillow says:

Who prepared to be roasted at school?


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