The FC Barcelona players get their new Audi cars

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The first team members of FC Barcelona received their brand new Audi vehicles for the 2016/17 season on Thursday. During the event held at the Camp Nou, next to the 1899 Auditorium, Luis Enrique’s men took part in several fun games and activities alongside the new models of Barça’s premium partner. Once Thursday’s training session had ended, the players headed to the Camp Nou where president Josep Maria Bartomeu and various directors of Audi were present to get things underway. After that, it was time for the players to drive off, one by one, in their shiny new automobiles.

La plantilla del primer equipo del FC Barcelona ha recibido este jueves los nuevos vehículos de Audi para la temporada 2016/17. En un acto celebrado en las instalaciones del Camp Nou -junto del Auditorio 1899-, los jugadores y Luis Enrique han participado en una serie de actividades de habilidad. Divididos en cinco equipos, los jugadores han completado varias pruebas al volante con los nuevos modelos del premium partner del Club.
Una vez finalizado el entrenamiento previo al partido contra el Granada que ha completado el equipo en la Ciudad Deportiva, los jugadores se han desplazado al Camp Nou. Allí los esperaban una amplia representación del FC Barcelona, ​​encabezada por el presidente Josep Maria Bartomeu, y varios directivos de Audi en España.
Una vez finalizadas las actividades de habilidad al volante, los miembros de la primera plantilla han ido recogiendo, uno a uno, los nuevos vehículos que conducirán durante la temporada 2016/17.

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Evolution says:

Where's mine..????

HC 17758091 says:

Most of us do work hard. You think its easy to study for years and years and then get up every day to work long hours in the office day in day out? Yet for most of us we never get the value we actually deserve! So to everyone saying these athletes have worked hard for this, guess what? So has the majority of the people, so don't give me that bullshit, fucking wankers

Le Revenant says:

I think no matter what sort of contract or deal there was between the club and the company; it just doesn't feel right to be giving really expensive cars for free to really rich people. It just doesn't make sense no matter what

Blassie P says:

This is like Oprah you get a car you get a car everybody gets a car.

Birman Hitman says:

Neymar can now roll faster than ever before

Manj Singh says:

These guys have cars like Bugattis and Paganis at home. These Audis will definetly go to their families.

skittles says:

So they are rich and they get free cars. Ok, that s make sense.

Basab says:

Neymar got his new Audi. Then drove it to Paris ?

Danial khan says:

Don't spoil them. ?

sagitarius girls says:

Where is messi?

Hafizur Rahman says:

Has every players got the car?

Hafizur Rahman says:

Rich people are getting richer and poor remaining the same

d jamal says:

I love barcelona????

sub zero says:

Mundo injusto..

Yodit Sibhatu says:

What is up with Pique? No drivers license?

Alexis Tosta says:

They get millions, free cars, free medical assistance, free travels, free clothes, free everything. That is why I do not give 1 cent to football.

Behnam Forozandeh says:

Ardaya niye vermediniz ama

nutellagnuen says:

Why choose AX when you can choose RSX. Dont understand. Same with Real, some of them players chose cheaper cars than RS7…..cant compute.

Partha Pratim Kalita says:

If there's one thing I learnt about being rich is that you get everything for free

MemoryLaneCinema says:

yeah. free cars. like they don't have enough money

Skomenekropolis says:

Messi gets a Bobbycar

Angie Andrade says:

Rafinha es una mierda

Ângelo Antonio says:

Neymar monstrao

dank meme says:

messi should have got a r8

Leo says:

The legend says neymar kept his audi while playing for psg

Sky.46 says:

We live in a world where rich people get free expensive stuff and the poor get the middle finger.

IBRRandi Ro says:

Neymar is like…Man im going to get a new car and then leave barcelona

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