El Clasico ● Best Goals (2000-2016)

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El Clasico ● Best Goals (2000-2016)
Real Madrid vs Barcelona Best Goals

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WeSpeakFootball says:

What's up y'all
it took me an amount of time to collect all these goals , so please LIKE & SHAARE
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Dian Budiarjo says:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Tuấn Trần Anh says:

2:25 people save suarez better than eto'o

Luiz Fernando says:

Mano, com todo respeito, o Casillas era fraco demais puta que pariu!

BoyNoPlay says:

take the godamn music off FFS. commentary is the best background music u can have.

Daniel Esclapez says:

Y no pones el gol de pique…menudo madridista frustrado

Jay Okal says:

lol…at Sergio Ramos against Ronaldinho

PsychoHyper says:

Real was dominating El Clasicos. But then…

Messi arrived.

The good one ever says:

I don't see the point
people compare messi with old legends and C.Ronaldo
They don't even come closer to what messi has done….people say ronaldo has more skills and acrobatics than messi but they don't see that they are common in modern football but what messi does..close control,air ball,impossible nutmegs,dribbling across 5-6 players…unbelievable vision and passes
still these ronaldo fans don't agree.He is good,deserves respect but messi is the GOAT

Bowo No Limit says:

So many player history in el classico 😉

Jacob Jonm0 says:

Messi created a new era which made Barca on the dominant side.


Se nota que eres un puto madridista

Amanfoh Augustus says:

Really enjoyed this video

ScreewHeaters leen says:

3:32 Esto es fútbol señores:).

OSH aldghriri says:

love ,🏨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

trtpw says:

2:36 look at r.carlos

Rising star says:

you are RM fan and have mostly covered goals from RM players…mc

Tran Hoang says:

Ten-man Real Madrid against the odds. Who else? But it’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sagar dharnal says:

Bale solo.goal Ohhh…

Sagar dharnal says:

Cristiano Ronaldo goal was Superb…

j says:

Look at the impact ronaldo and messi have had on the clasicos. Before the messi era..real were blasting barca in almost every match. Then messi came…changed the whole system with xavi and iniesta..a lot of credits to pep. Then came ronaldo and also real's revival. Now it was more of a competition..each team had equally amazing players. Both of them are legends.

abed kareem says:

Y 2016 only

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