ANGRY Messi Attacked The Referee After Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Game

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Metallica Freak says:

where's the attack? you left it out?

Damien Dubocage says:

Messi is angry.. be careful madrid , be careful……

Damien Dubocage says:


Rf Rf says:


joseph chalwes says:

WTF that's what being attacked looks like nowadays

Fatime Cisse says:


Anthony Boye says:

He was just trying to talk to the referee… Since when do we give yellows when the games over

King Straw says:

Messi if you're a good player change club and let's see ,you cannot be playing one club since you started professional football and call yourself the best only fools will call you Messi as the best


messi the god of football

Hooded Knight says:

At least Messi shows some fighting spirit instead of just staring at the ground and rubbing his forehead like he used to do. Not even a fan of him, but I can appreciate this.

M Gonzalez says:

Stupid ass excuses for his nasty behavior in 3.2.1.

Edwin Molina says:

Its Messi in Spain,he could have killed the referee and nothing would have happened…

luc25 says:

es muy complicado para Messi tras haber sido ayudado año tras año por los de negro, ver que ahora gracias al V.A.R. se les hace mas complicado ayudarlos. Tranquilo Messi. Has sido un jugador enorme e histórico. Pero jugar sin ayudas arbitrales tan sinvergüenzas te hará ver la vida de otra forma. Bueno, ya lo has vivido con tu selección. Aún así no dudo que te será difícil asimilar que no ganarás mas ligas tan fácilmente.

wajang1000 says:

The last thing Messi needs is to become another diva like Neymar. Keep your cool, bro and leave a good legacy, not this shit.

Viewwell says:

Blaming the refs is getting old. Just get over it. They get it right most of the time.

Джумабой Назаров says:

Меси ти никто и неможеш играт футбол перед варота соперника стоиш тебе дадут пас по приказу твои хранителе и ти забиеш ети суди немогли купит твои ангели хронители давай досвидания

Dipo 94 says:

Messi 👎👎👎👎

Claude Makelele says:

Messi finally showing his true colors. Not shaking an official's hand and verbally abused the ref. He is more arrogant and egoistic than his rival.

Joel Ogeta says:

Is Messi The Best Ever Football Player Or The Best Goalscorer??… 🤔🤔🤔 Because The Only Record Is The Number Goals….

Jean Keymond says:

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Viegas tiago says:

should have picked up was the direct red card

MV - Mix Video - BALKAN says:

messi pussy

Fon Tez says:

If it was Ronaldo would be Red.

muhd 235 says:

messi : "watch ur mouth, i can pay ur salary"

Ref : "Yellow card"

Fernando R says:

Imagine if it was Ronaldo doing this, the hate would be enormous

Samir Abdul says:

Genio messi viva messi

Jorge Zuniga says:

Enano ridiculo.

Astawa P. says:

Little prick

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