REVEALED: Barcelona To Confirm €60M Transfer For Juventus Superstar! | Transfer Review

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Could Barcelona confirm their first signing of the window before the World Cup?!

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Douglas Lemus says:

I hope Pjanic does go to Barcelona

Fieq lahh says:

miralem pjanic to barcelona

Sizwe Ndlanzi says:

Liverpool are definitely gonna KICK ASS major ass next season and I bet my money they'll clinch the title!

Nick Tjezuva says:

From a Gunner: Looserpool really look Scarry next year

S-B says:

"I think arron ramsey will sign a new contract or be sold" no shit sherlock

Kareem SC says:

Whenever any news article says Messi requested any player either be sold or bought its fake. Messi has said many times he doesn’t make those decisions or put his influence in transfers

Dimitris Raptis says:

Sokratis? Bad? Because of just one bad season? You mental, Pat?

Scotty boi says:

I would play a 4231 if I was Jurgen klopp play fabhino and keita in dm

Carlos Landeros says:

Busquets and Pjanic not a solid midfield….are you stupid?

spvrklz says:

waiting for SPURS to sign someone

John Tipad says:

Could you talk about Andre Frank Zambo He is 22 and 4 tackles and interceptions per game

Blake Boros says:

Pjanić has always been underrated

2502 16 says:

why was that sneeze so awkward

Skriex ツ says:

Pjanic is a good buy but i prefer Eriksen

Calvin Howard says:

As a milan fan if bonaventura and can join juve and they keep pjanic theyll be the best in the w0rld

Ex Tax says:

Go paperless guys

Lorenzo Munisami says:

Lol its not even close as yet.

Dat Boi says:

as a diehard barca fan who knows how stupid the board of barca is, this story is complete bullshit. its so out of knowwhere and makes zero sense, from a barca fan heres our realistic transfers out of 10:
Griezmann 9
Arthur 9
Thiago 7
Erikson 5
Lenglet 7
de Ligt 4

There, no more clickbait for the summer for this channel

Shahed Ali says:

I think with Pjanic he could do good, also footballers do age older and this means they'll last longer

Shahed Ali says:

Real Madrid have Isco

Thuso Luvha says:

Good bit of business by Liverpool

Lucas Plays Football says:

Liverpool can win titles

Frodo Verhagen says:

Selling rakitic, rakitic is competing with modric and kroos for best mf in the world

cocopunk1486 says:

No no no. As a Barca fan I don’t want Pjanic no matter how good he is. Don’t need a 28 year old who costs 60M. Money is better spent elsewhere.

Bring in Christian Eriksen, Rodrigo Bentancur or Kai Havertz instead. More long term potential, better bang for your buck and would slot into the midfield better.

Also, I bought Meret in Football Manager for Tottenham and he’s been my #1 since Lloris “left ” at 34. Definitely one to watch. I know that’s hardly any reason to buy a player but Football Manager scouting system has been spot on in the past

Cheetah N says:

Barcelona should do a 80+ bid for Saul or tolisso

PJ Garlow says:

Instead of spending 100 million on Alison, why not pay oblak’s release clause. Which I think is 110 million

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