Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid ULTRA 4K (Away) 23/04/2017 by SH10

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Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid 4K
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Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona



SH10Comps says:

NOTE: I like commentary too, but 4k content has trash English commentary, so I decide on my 4K comps to put music. Your choice stadium sound or music?

Mercè Moix says:

Centre medico

El SUBNORMAL- xD says:

11:54 ?

Ruturaj Kulkarni says:

Song name plz from 6.35 to 10.13 @SH10Comps


Alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion del minuto 7:32 ?

Ariel Messi says:

the video is good, as it is called the song that starts at minute 6:33

Ajay Pal Singh says:

Can you give me your playlist? That ralf Gum song is gold. I hope to find more like that.

Luck Luck deverrow says:

King Messi ??

Brayon Silva says:

Melhor da história

Angel Danilo says:

Una vez mas messi demostrando quien es el mejor del mundo…

Alex Pavel says:

Alex pavel

augusto flores huamani says:

Messi es el mejor de la historia.. no hay duda..

Roberto salazar says:

Pero mira que calidad de video papus . Y ese fenómeno Messi todo un crack los goles las jugadas el festejo de otro mundo

Gibran Tapia says:

1:36 empiezan las jugadas, lo demás es pura introducción de mierda

Benjamín Cristino says:

6:32 Name music please

Esteban D. Gomez says:

9:46 jajaja el tipo de remera blanca tirandole el dedito a messi,como si messi le importará :v

uzumaki boruto says:

6:40 song name gays?

DAVO Melqumyan says:


Yury Henrique says:

1:38 dribbling cristiano

vivek kumar says:

14.26 lol roberto

Psycho Mantis says:

lol real madrid fans always make such a fantasitic DUMB impression, i liked how messi provoked that bunch of idiots xD also carajal? was trieing to rip suarez shirt, why suarez didnt bite him ? lel

Dhritiman Sen says:

ultra 4k is like legit whack. lol

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