FC Barcelona vs SD Huesca (8-2) – Extended Highlights

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Goleada azulgrana en un partido que marcaron Messi y Luis Suárez, dos goles cada uno, Rakitic, Jordi Alba, Dembélé y Pulido (pp) para el FC Barcelona y ‘Cucho’ Hernández y Álex Gallar para la SD Huesca LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

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scrlt wtch says:

messi could have scored a hat-trick but he give that chance to jordi alba anyways. thats what i like about him. hes always think about someone elses not only for himself.

Fútbol Total says:

5:53 great

Axel Flores says:

Aplauded :v

Kenny Shem says:

messi has no need for hat trick to prove anything and gave it to suarez. Ronaldo will kill to take the PK himself.

Khoa Nguyễn Đăng says:

Messi that tuyet voi

Lisa Fox says:

Messi the best

sukruoosten says:

woudl that dick ronaldo ever give a penalty to a mate hahahahhahhahaaa
asshole even got red in cl 1 match LOL
he will always be 2 second to messi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

metal garurumon says:

this match is magical . messi is something

Dj Alex says:

Hijos de puta en español ????

Viper Deuce says:

Messi is such a good guy

Brandon Manley says:

My God, English commentators can never pronounce names right. Who tf is "Curteenyo"?

Mauricio Toro says:

El inexorsble momento en el que el rey aga posesión de su posesion….. busquet…….. ya es hora qie depues de las 3 coronas de3l real pases tu posesion …. ya deja a los de verdad… no alargues tu muerte

Ekops 2017 says:

messi the legends

Evans O says:

Results like this make me proud to be a Barca fan.

ousmaneloum166 loum says:

fc barcelona

killer reaper says:

Fuck this channel, if its English it has to be another one

Marabout Medium says:

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yudhistira geraldino says:

It's so sad looking cautinho cant finish as good as messi

Farkhi Muzaki Messi 10 Sang Pengabdi Google Ya says:

Alien GOAT footballer is Messi.

Gloria imbuwa says:

Barcelona never back dowm

Carlosur 27 says:

Força Barça

RmNaNtCbScRrN says:

Freddie Mercury fingio su muerte y se fue a jugar de 9 en el barça?

Juan Pizano says:



francis gozum says:

Magaling la talaga reng barcelona sigurado champion no nanamn kanyan

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