FC Barcelona bubble football: Players vs Staff

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The FC Barcelona players had a whale of a time in their final training session at St George’s Park, Birmingham, when rather than a normal workout, they instead had a bash at the cracking new craze of bubble football.
It’s a game in which the only rule seems to be that there are no rules, and in which off-the-ball tackles are not only legal but form part of the tactics! But instead of crashing to the ground, tackled players simply bounce around for a while before scrambling back onto their feet.
Winning the game often takes second place in the list of priorities as players battle to gain revenge on the most mischievous of tackles – for which team-mates are often as much to blame as opponents!
Two games were played: one between players and then one between the players and the coaches. Jolly japes were the order of the day as this great little video shows!

Como niños. Así se lo pasaron los jugadores del FC Barcelona en el último entrenamiento que el equipo hizo en St. George’s Park. Porque el cuerpo técnico, consciente de la carga física de los días de stage en Birmingham, decidió regalar una jornada más lúdica a sus futbolistas.

Sorprendidos, pero emocionados, los jugadores no dudaron ni un segundo en enfundarse en las pelotas gigantes. Como si fueran burbujas, todos juntos pasaron un gran rato jugando al fútbol en dos equipos. Primero, jugadores contra jugadores. Después, jugadores contra cuerpo técnico. Pero lo importante en la actividad no era ganar o perder, sino pasarlo en grande. Las imágenes que registraron los medios del Club hablan por sí solas.

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