Barcelona vs Real Sociedad (20/05/18) Full Highlights

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Iniesta’s last game for Barcelona, you will be truely missed you legend

The Score is Below

For All Matches, I Don’t put the score in the title so there are no spoilers and you can enjoy the surprise. For the people that want to know, the score is below

Barcelona -1
Real Sociedad -0

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Manuel Talavera Rodríguez says:

I'd like to download this match
Where could get it?

patty quintanilla says:

Barca el mejor pues ☺🤘

Samuel Canchano Barrios says:

porque messi es en el banquillo


awww look at Xavi


OUCHH!!!!!! Ankle sprainnn

Ghulam Rasool RASOOL says:

what a team is this FCB i have not seen any batter team than this team .
FCB is the king of football

Rodrigues Fn says:

Quien és mejor, Coutinho / Dembele?

Renzo Silva says:

mi pasion es el futbol :v

Christoher Right says:

This is the last game for iniesta ?

Obayed Ullah says:


lionel tom says:

I love barca iniesta bye

Glen Rwodzi says:

I think Coutinho has gotten better than Neymar

Tế Điên says:

Video con Cặt gì lộn xộn vậy

Abuty Dakoli says:

Bravo el barca

Parvathy 1234 says:

Couthinooooooooooo isssssss theeeeeeeeee bestttttttttttttt🇧🇷

Halif Khasikov says:

Coutinho TOP

Daidau01 Hpaukjawng says:

Every barca captain did well

Terry Tong says:

I cannot think of anyone who is more of a symbol of barcelona than Iniesta. Not even Rodnaldinho or Messi, leVes you with such deep impressions.

MimM says:

I was there! 🙂
Farewell Iniesta, legend!

Ilham Yajid says:

Jangan pergi iniesta 😢😢😢😢😢

Mahfuz Khan says:

Coutinho is great

Blue eyed Eurasian says:

Barcelona have the most dangerous left curler but now both right and left 💪

Diego :v says:

Así se despiden a las leyendas, Madrid

samaco says:


circunbalacion says:

What a shitty referee just a Yellow Card he deserved a clearly Red Card.

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