FC Barcelona – La Liga Champions Parade 2016 (full version)

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Barça players celebrate in the streets of Barcelona after winning Liga 2015/16 title
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Jefferson Ochoa says:

2018 here we come!

Barcelona -Mes que én club! says:

Barcelona mús un the club

It'sjust ramy says:

visca lBarça⚽💪😘

It'sjust ramy says:

visca lBarça⚽💪😘

Story CZ says:

Barcelona is strong team

Sandesh Pandey says:

We are barca

Basil Hm says:

i wint play to barca😠😠😢😢😢😢😢😢

13 yeirs

RMadRekt says:

my favourite team is Barcelona and we won it 2 years in a row

Mohammed Hussein says:

فيسكا برسا

Astoria Vaelarys says:

I knew they would play Shakira's wake waka in there!

Astoria Vaelarys says:

Pique and his mischief trolls are the best!

Thor says:

Just curious as to what title is better and more important, La Liga or Champions League, if you had to choose which one you would win? I'm guessing Champions League, since you play the best club teams in the world!

Jorre osman jorre says:

viva barcelona and viva M.S.N

Wallace SIBERA says:

Dieu vous bénisse encore

Igwe Chinwendu says:

I love my club Barcelona

Sean Deligny says:

El mejor club del mundo….

LS Draws says:

It's okay neymar, xavi isn't there this time

Shariar Shapnil says:

neymar's son luca is best.. if you agree hit like

Mihir Chinai says:

Barça is the best

Elia Magagna says:

messi mejor

Lillian Cetoute says:

congrats to all bacelona player's love you guy's

Kian Rules says:


Zhouwei Xie says:

Congratulation to Barcelona Best football team ever

bthebest says:

Se merecen ser campeones porque juegan con klase I tienen un futbol attractivo. Barcelona, Boca Juniors I Argentina, son mis equipos a muerte.. No hay ningun deporte mas bello que el Futbol…

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