Famous Managers on Messi (compilation)

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FOOTBALLIONEL MESSI the FootbalL Him self 👑

sKILLs B says:

The day Messi stops is the day they all realize we lost the G.O.A.T

Frank Russell says:

This is crazy because this is in 2011

Frank Russell says:

Messi doesn't even know what they're talking about LOL

Bughogus bughogus says:


Suyez Lee says:

Well said Fergy.

Chakka Boola says:

Messi needs Spain to win the WC, he couldn't do it with guys like Di Maria, Higuain, Mascherano, Tevez, Aguero.

Pele needed Jairizinho, Didi, Vava, Garrincha, Alberto and Rivelino to win World Cups.

Ronaldo9 and Ronaldinho needed Rivaldo, Cafu, Carlos and Dida to win the WC.

Beckenbauer needed Müller, Maier, Overath, Netzer and Breitner to win the WC.

Zidane needed Henry, Deshamps, Desaily, Petit, Lizarazu, Blanc and Barthez to win the WC.

Crujff, as great as he was, had world class team mates (Neeskens, Rep, Krol, Arie Haan) and still couldn't win.

Di Stefano couldn't even qualify with Spain for the 1958 WC with players that were world class then like Gento, Suarez, Kubila in his team.

Zico, the great brazilian couldn't win the WC with guys like Socrates, Falcao, Cerezo and Eder.

Maradona only needed 10 random men to destroy teams and win the WC almost twice!!

Colloquial Soliloquy says:

Forget football,no other sportsperson in history has dominated their sport to the extent that he has.
CR7 is in there with the legends,Pele,Maradona,Cruyff,Best,Iniesta
But Messi is in there with the icons,Achilles,Jesus,Einstein

Sem Mutalindwa says:

Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be. Lionel Messi.

Mannix says:

Edited with a dishwasher….

Wassup Man says:

my top 10 best players of all time are-
1- Messi
5-ronaldo fenomeno
6-chritiano ronaldo
8-gabriel Batistuta
9-Andres iniesta
10-paulo maldini
tell me your guys….

sagar adhikari says:

Ok Top 5 player of all time
1) Pele
2) Messi
4) Zidane
5) C. Ronaldo
Case Solved!!

KingJoe Manu says:

Messi is the BEST. His skills is unique. Watch his games!!!!Then deside.

Naresh Kumar says:

Is Pele a manager??

Matthew McCormick says:

Maradona best player… ever.. Messi 2nd

Rabirai4101989 Rai says:

He just an use left leg..
if he an use both of leg???
think about that😃😃😃😃

Julian says:

Bad quality

Duncan Mcfadden says:

How embarrassing for Messi to be sat there when these idiots are asking such questions in his presence.

Kensan Han says:

I love how Pele and Maradona don't accept the fact that Messi is better than they ever were. And please don't forget the quality of players against Messi is playing with today's advancements in facilities and nutrition. If Pele and Maradona played in our times they were at MOST Mediocre.

Twitchyb1t says:

is messi adaptable though i mean he flourishes in la liga due to light contact technical play however how would he do in a more physical league just due to the fact the 38 matches with smaller teams that foul a lot would of reduced his effectiveness. only comparable player is Cristiano Ronaldo who played in 3 different leagues La Liga the premier league and the Portuguese one so he had to adapt his game 3 2 times so we could say Ronaldo is 2 seasons behind messi in terms of bedding in seasons getting use to a different league. who knows

Moonie Jam says:

Messi will be 34 in 5 years time and we will all be crying that he's 34 😂😂😭😭

Sarthak Mahajan says:

what are maradona and neville doing in a compilation of 'famous managers'?

Turbo net says:

Hahahaha…. You didn't show the managers who said ronaldo is the best typicall

Ziev Basson says:

Anyone know what event that is – the one with Ferguson, Pep, and Messi?

Papa Jobe says:

Messi incomparable because, he is the best dribbler the passer and the best scorer

Willo says:

Chelsea paid the price. Press F to show respect to the fallen.


Cipher993 says:

Can't hear shit

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