Ousmane Dembélé ● Chapter I – FC Barcelona | 2017/2018

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The best goals, assists, passes and amazing dribbling skills by Ousmane Dembélé for FC Barcelona in 2017/18. Enjoy!
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● Edited and produced by: Henrik Lehmann
Twitter: https://twitter.com/henriklehmannn

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♫ Music: Mike Hawkins – Let U Go, Wizard – Touch

● Clips from: Kyliann22, full games, UCL Magazine, La Liga

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Henrik Lehmann says:

Ousmane Dembélé a flop? You’ve got to be kidding me. The French youngster is a man bought for the future, yet despite the pressure from his big price tag and his long injury problems, he’s averaged a goal or assist every 92 minutes. Dembouz certainly is very raw still, inconsistent and loses a lot of balls. But that’s only natural for such a young player, and with time and the right guiding he has the potential to become an absolute world beater. Completely ambidextrous, fantastic technique, speed and vision, young Osumane is a once in a generation talent and hopefully this is just the start of what can be a long and successful career here at Barça.

Teo Orton says:

Dembele 2018/2019
6 matchs
5 goals
Flop ????? ????

Muhammad Pervez says:

You're The Best Football Editor ! ???????????
#ForçaBarça ❤️?

Mubarik Jamal says:

Both footed. ?

Billy Billy says:

ernesto valvarde has no potential how to use his players how to adapt young player to barca style of play. Damn i want pep so fucking hard he knows how to use young players.
Dembele has more potential than mbappe, mbappe is playing in farmer leaque. Valvarde should use dembele alot in this upcoming season.


If carles Alena improves I could see them both ruling soccer

let me tell you something says:

i hope there won't be any other chapter.

deep k says:

He is good but makes.stupid pass sometimes loses the ball a lot but if he gains confidence he will be the best.

Yung says:

Dembele is better than mbappe..he has got everything mbappe has plus he also got skills and can dribble..ousmane just needs confidence around his team..and needs to not lose the ball easily.. believe me he will improve tremendously…mbappe playing in farmers league while ousmane playing in barca.. this kid is very very good i have much faith in him ..DEMBOUZZ

Haider Thahim says:

That Goal against Celta was lit.

Zoal Cule says:

Dembélé and Coutinho gonn be big next season

Stephanos Parcci says:

Dembele ????

Eleazar Celedon says:

Wait till he gains more confidence he was playing scared half of the time and was still assisting left and right

Silviu Rasnovean says:

Dembele is a beast

مٌحمد ألخاتم سيف ألدين أبراهيم أبوزيد says:

What A player ?

alpha camara says:

Bravo ousmane dembele ????✅✅

Donovan Lewis says:

Would have like too see him in Germany. He played so unrestricted. He ran a lot.

Jonathan Ohin says:

And he wasn't always in the starting lineup mostly of the bench and manage to get 6 assists plus if suarez had made shots every time great opportunity dembele passes to him ,he would have finished 8 to 10

Jonathan Ohin says:

If he wasn't injured he would have like 13 assists with 6 to 8 goals cause he played like 15 game and had 6 assists

elias martinez says:

People say that dembele is a failure but It is his first season in Barcelona and he has suffer a serious injury so just wait saying that he is a failure

Alleiniger Weltmonarch says:

Every Barcelona Player Assist him and they are happy for him,i see it!GREAT CLUB,if not THE GREATEST!

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