Players Reaction To Messi’s Performance In Tottenham vs Barcelona 2-4 | ft. Coutinho, Kane, Rakitic

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Players Reaction To Messi’s Performance In Tottenham vs Barcelona 2-4 | ft. Coutinho, Kane, Rakitic

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BlameFootball says:

7 Things That Will Happen If Messi Joins The Premier League

Jarana Ara says:

Messi is unique… Best ever… But you don't destroy the Spurs with only Messi… You need a great TEAM! To prove this: Argentina national team.

Ceo Minji 막내 Shuhua says:


Carlos Huitzil says:

Messi simply doesnt need another cup or even a world cup, to say and proof that he is The G.O.A.T . #ultrainstinct

Nasif Ali Sameer says:

I think barca wil win

Cypher 2.0 Risima says:

Messi is the greatest to ever touch a ball . In all history there is no player better than him .

Farhan Sadid says:

2018/19 is Barcelona's Year with the best and golden player of the Football History Lionel Messi

Siddharth Bhosale says:


Jaspreet singh says:

With defense sorted, we can win the Champions league

Jay The Weirdo says:

Well atleast i know leo will never give up

Pragyan Pant says:

Messi cannot win because Messi will win. Leo Messi the G.O.A.T

Umesh Rao says:

well u can really see that the barca side of today is not so perfect as it was 5 or 6 years back,the only difference is at those days everyone was pushing the chariot of Leo to move forward,where else now only two or three are there,Leo himself said that he needs support coz we all know that his pulling the barca chariot alone,this particular situation never happened with Ronaldo coz he always choose a team who stands at the Peak,u can see history of that from Manchester United to juventus they all were at its peak b4 Ronaldo joined them,no doubt he is good player with useless attitude,but this guy Leo he has something magical in him,I don't think there's any kind of rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi,coz u can't compare Leo with anyone he is beyond that,I wish I could see Leo playing for barca until next world cup coz we all know he is getting a bit nervous by his teams performance day by day whether its country or club,long live Messi the mortal 'ACHILLES'of football……….

Siyaad Osman says:

Siyaad osman will be the best footballer in history

Vauk God says:

At the moment , Messi is the 2nd best player in the world ,behind Neymar ( very close )

Tchouba Gilles says:

At a certain point in the season Messi will have to choose between the chamions league, la liga and Copa del rey…i think he'll be too tired to have all 3 knowing he literally carries FC Barcelona

Putra Siregar says:

Messi is Barca, Barca is Messi. Just accept your fate.

Jonathan Borbon says:

0:25 1:52 He said so many good things about Messi

tttrrrification says:

G.O.A.T !!!

Divyank Singh says:

A BIG YESSS…He will.

Sajib Kumar Chowdhury says:

Another name of wonder is Messi.

Kendell John says:

i dont think his he was so good as people claim today I've seen better. win a world cup and I'll class him as the best till then he's jus a great footballer not the best in history pele as that title…

sajida amian says:

The goat king

Luis Vidalon says:

Messi. 🔥

grytlappar says:

They should just park the Ballon d'Or at Messi's house.

Riley Wilson says:

He most certainly can and hopefully will! lets just hope it doesn't end up like last year!

sasarasasarasa says:

He was absolutely phenomal, probably the best player I will see in my entire life but… this is a TEAM game and if Barcelona really wants this Champions League needs to improve its defence.

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