Tottenham vs Barcelona Champions League Group Stage FULL Match Highlights: 2-4

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A pair of goals from Leo Messi gave Barcelona a 4-2 win over Tottenham in their second match of the Champions League group stage at Wembley.

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mhm mhm says:

messi is goat.not hearing it

Hol up says:

Why does the pitch look like shit

John Rippel says:

I just wish messi played this way in the big games further in the competition. I don't know why but past couple seasons he kind of disappears in those games.

Andrew Fournier says:

Lloris was just awful

TigerClawII says:

I'm convinced Barcelona practices hitting the woodworks more than scoring goals lmao

Curtis Sebren says:

Messi needs to be drug tested. Smoking the pipe too much

Jordi Garibo says:

These commentators are dead no enthusiasm

Adrian Hernandez.LM10 says:

Barca’s defense is trash can’t lie

Kevin Wang says:


Joel Velez says:

Commentators sound dead smh.

Jason Babin says:

I hate Barcelona now after that game-Nate

Matthew Story says:

Am I the only one who thinks it is incredibly fishy that Tottenham always end up in the group of death.🤔

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