Javier Mascherano Horrible Injury & Bleeding vs Alaves .. & Football Injuries & Bleeding

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Javier Mascherano Horrible Injury & Bleeding vs Alaves .. & Football Injuries & Bleeding
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Javito Girona says:

like si te dio un susto lo último del cideo

Tomas Perez says:

empezamos con fernando torres despues mascherano y ibrack que pasa con los jugadores

the Reaper says:

😓😓🤕🤕😤😤😧😧 OMG

AbdeeRW ML says:

Barca Player is Target lul

Mr man kun Kun says:

This is only 3 mins cause they get really hurt rare

Jeremy LUI [6C] says:

It's called Concussion, btw course you Alaves, I hate you

Sancó Turtsányi says:

1:42 he is Rafinha?

Bogdan Messi says:

Să mi bag pula n morții voștri daca da unu in messi intru cu tiganii peste voi bagameas pula

Anime Sekai says:

Lol, a while ago he's need help to get 10k subscribers, after 10k now you want 25k, what's next 1 million subscriber!!!, Lol just joking (No Offense here)

takis lazaridis says:


King Evans says:

R.I.P Mascherano "Rest Isn't Peace"

ABSTREX Official says:

I am a Bayern fan but I like Javier and this made me very emotional! Get well soon Javier!😰😞😢



Douatson Paul says:

this video was made for messi or football injury or bleeding

Anonim 123 says:

Melody name?

Emmmanuelle Labbe says:

ers un pringado

Man Citi AGUERO says:

Пепе гондон

Chris Godi says:

IBRA was a heartbreaking injury tho hoped him to see him play in the uel final but did never happan

Fhianz Dybala 69 says:

many player barcelona

Robin Väljak says:

How Peopels can dislike this? 🙁

D10S says:

Why the sad music? He was celebrating at the end.

Emilio Figallo says:

como sigue macherano

Noohad Fajloon says:

omg please no !not masche 😭😭😭❤❤❤

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