Rivaldo vs Deco | Legends surprise fans at Barcelona training ground

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FC Barcelona legends Rivaldo and Deco go head to head in a match played at the FCB training ground. Joined by fans from around the world who had won the Betfair #UltimateElClasico competition to travel to Barcelona and watch El Clasico, the fans are in shock meeting and then playing with their heroes.

Was it Team Rivaldo or Team Deco who won the match and took the glory?


Paul McCleary says:

Dear betfair fuck off and stop pushing your bullshit around like a fucking dung beetle.

ssc gd ckt says:

Sir please tell me Betfair account fully verification email?

Svara Svarka says:

Pavel Kovel & Icaka ?

TheFilmfreak123 says:

What's the song used in this video?

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