The Day Lionel Messi Got Mad Vs Roma ● Barcelona Roma 3-0 ● HD

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The Day Lionel Messi Got Mad Vs Roma ● Barcelona Roma 3-0 ● HD

Video is presented by Nugo Basilaia.

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Malek Elghriani says:

No one makes Messi weaker in football even Roma

Berner Gabriel Simon Estrada says:

Barsa yes?????

Malphas Mikaelson says:

Tha black dude would have whooped Messi's ass all over the pitch.

Sebastian Molina says:

I like this look better than his beard and blonde hair. He looked sleek af before now he looks like a blonde santa smh

GamerGame says:

You think you're bigger and taller than Messi. Doesn't mean you are stronger than him.
Messi even though he is small but he's a very dangerous player.

Warning: Don't Mess with Messi !!!

Viewwell says:

That was a violent conduct and RC offense without a doubt. Lucky to escape with a YC.

I Talk Football says:

Just Remember Don't Wear White Shirts Infront Of Messi 😉

Adarsh Hota says:

MESSI is a changed man nowadays

alexx 19 says:

Im a Barcelona fan but the title of the video is just stupid ?

Yessi villa says:

Neymar looks like a malnourished motherfucker

Cristo Garcia says:

I hate these kind of videos “ The day” it’s so stupid!

Ninja sama says:

4:24 c est chaud

Dragon panda says:

Oh this match barca Was on fire?

Mohatez Abdullahi says:

I wasted 8:04 of my life

j r c says:

stupid music…

Tasty One says:

That match was amazing ??

Baptiste Simon says:

Messi la vie

Ali Aziz says:

Please upload it

Ali Aziz says:

You dont have to delete lionel messi march 2018 skil please upload it again i will be very thankful to you


Why did messi got angry??

Sanjog Wayne says:

Damn! Messi missed some really easy chances which he usually doesn't miss.

Lachlan Price says:

4:51 Thank me later

Bie Rahma says:

aku suka siapa yaa??

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