FIFA 11 Online ranked match full live commentary – Benfica vs Athletico Madrid

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Varejão says:

alle benfica alle

Monzy Robinson says:

play a match with west brom 🙂

Dominic says:

you should play as stoke because everyone seems to hate them for no apparent reason

RaDioAcTiveCoD says:

@GuideToTheGalaxyTV Rm or Cm 🙂

Jake Wegg says:

Ipswich are at the top of the Leauge! xD

Jake Wegg says:

What part of ipswich are you from? Cause I live there! 😀

OrmondSaint says:

Great vid, you should play as Argentina next

Adam McLoughlin says:

Nice! You should play as an MLS team 😀

Variaty100 says:

Nice vid mate !

Liam Whalley says:

Can you play as Chelsea next time James?

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