Fifa 14 | Atletico Madrid vs. FC Barcelona | Highlights – Match Prediction | La Liga | Me vs. Meti

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TheWhaleBros says:

They tied 1-1

payel1978 says:


CHAZE2B says:

Aaawww Patrick my friend you got owned in this match. Would like to see you do more head to head matches. Thumbs up!!

Virtual Soccer Game Show™ says:

No CPU Vs CPU, no prediction… :-S

Jacob Fälth says:

3-1 to patrick

christian morris says:

Ea ass licks barcelona which is so annoying

LordOfFifa says:

Hat meti auch eine Xbox One??

fcmad26 says:

Anyone else also noticed how the player walks through the net at 8:09?

Karim El-Deghedy says:

Wa Alikom Alsalam Meti. Well played by both of you.

Victor Ortiz says:

Not really sure if we win tonigth, Patético is hard on his pitch and they play too defensive. Hope our players got a nice nigth.

Amir Almajidi says:

like for Barcelona to win against Atletico Madrid

Aufreiser5 says:

barca wins in RL

TamerThe7th says:

Patrick wo gukst du heute das spiel?

xSweet PoisonxD says:

I think Patrick.

Peter Májovský says:

Nice video you two..

Florian Kenter says:

Atletico Madrid: 1 – 3 :FC Barcalona

Alexandro Circhi says:

Fuck barcelona

Jay Kay CMJ says:

I really enjoy watching you play meti, especially in this highlight style, more of these would be great!

fifagamezzzz says:


Omarr Adam says:

Patrick gonna win!!

Tony Ede. U says:

You and metie should play upcoming uefa championship knockout stage matches

Nihaad Mookith says:

atletico 2-1 barca

Ali Milano says:

Wow it looks awesome in the new gen console, i need to buy a new gen console now.

PRIME says:

I think this would of happened to Atletico even if Hummels, Vidic, Vermaelen, Terry played in the defence line…combined

BigAndy Armanios says:

4 me Atletico is going to win don't know how much goals will be scored for each teams 

jobanpreet grewal says:

what camera setting do u use 

Napartist says:

These are nice! Please do more if you can!

Marcek says:

Ich bin jahrelang schon Atleti Fan, von daher wünsch ich mir für morgen natürlich einen Heimsieg. Es wird zwar sehr schwer werden, aber zuhause hat man bis jetzt immer überzeugen können und in der momentanen Verfassung traue ich Atleti zu, jeden zu schlagen. 🙂

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