FC Barcelona 5 – 0 Real Madrid 29/11/2010

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Game between FC Barcelona and Real madrid the 29/11/2010


Ulrich Guivi says:

Une vrai correction

Yonas Y says:

Damn can't believe this was 7 years ago today.

Elie gouinguenet says:

Que de souvenirs … messi iniesta xavi c'etait fou . Le barca va avoir du mal a revenir a un tel niveau de jeu

EP4 says:

2010 déjà

Kornel Berkes says:

It is a surprise, that it was only 5-0

Edílson ks says:

2010 – 5 X 0
2015 – 4 X 0

Mata Hamid says:

Le football qui rend fou ✌

Blendos says:

Le barça à toujours et est toujours meilleur que le real madrid

nandito OFFICIAL says:

fuck real madrid

SACHA Rondier says:

Merci en plus en Français nikel !!

Sébastien Hernandez says:


Samuel Silva says:

chupa essa manga ronaldo kkkk …

doctoor hababa says:

if thats the way u want it then lets have it your way
first ,second,third,fourth,………etc goal for real madrid ……victor valdes FAULT

Mediaceja says:

Lionel Messi – Ballon D'or 2012…… Again.

Mediaceja says:

"a ver si meten ocho el lunes"- Cristiano Ronaldo antes del Clásico de la manita.
"let's see if they score eight on monday" – Cristiano Ronaldo before this Clasico

WildChild80 says:

private video ¿?¿?¿?

Mickeyc333 says:

here are some reasons why messi is better than c. ronaldo:
-he can score goals from anywhere like nothing
-he makes some good assists
-he's much more of a team player than ronaldo
-he can take on anyone, and he's only 5'6!
-he's young, and he is far from done (that means more championship for him and barca)
the only reason why ronaldo has more goals than messi in la liga is because he played more games than messi, and not to mention, he shot 100 more attempts than messi

Gusev1994 says:

pause this video at 0:00
open another youtube tab and insert: /watch?v=srrAm9Eiqcw
start both videos at the same time
enjoy ! its really amazing

pap qaq says:

Barcelona is far and away the best team in the world. Their players are individually outstanding and their chemistry is perfect. As long as no one leaves they won't be challenged for a while. I think it's hard to pick between Ronaldo and Messi, but Messi fits so well with Barcelona that his play now is clearly best in the world.

Zoheb Sadiq says:

@mikeaprice09 Lionel Messi – Ballon D'or 2011…..thumps up if you agree

mikeaprice09 says:

@sadiqs Yea exactly, Ronaldo had a late burst of goals just before Barcelona won the league and then continued it when the pressure was off. Until this season he hadn't scored against Barcelona in his career (at united or real) and many of his goals this season were assisted by Ozil against small teams who they put 5,6,7,8, past!

Zoheb Sadiq says:

@mikeaprice09 I agree mate, trophies are a collective team effort and Messi has obviously played a crucial part in Barca's success…..but that's why i base him as the best player in the world….you're right he's immensely consistent and scores crucial goals and delivers top-class performances every single week including the bigger clubs. We don't see this enough from Ronaldo, correct me if i'm wrong but his last 11 la liga goals were in his last 3 games when his season was effectively over.

mikeaprice09 says:

@brahim121985brahim Messi is nothing? I have no idea how someone can say this after the season he has had..

mikeaprice09 says:

@sadiqs Messi is definately the best in the world.. but I don't think its fair to say the reason is because he has won more with barca this season because that's down to the team not just Messi.. ronaldo had an amazing season (mainly in la liga) but messi had an even better one and has been consistanly amazing and even in the biggest games.

indstructable10 says:

@sadiqs honestly for me messi is way better than ronaldo but you got to admit that ronaldo had a great season too so you cant say that he will not win the ballon dor for 2011 thats what im trying to tell you guys.

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