Mourinho Epic Celebration – Barcelona Vs Inter (28.04.2010)

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28 April 2010 . UEFA Champions League Semi Final – FC Barcelona vs FC Internazionale Milan
Jose Mourinho celebrations! – Πανηγύρια του Jose Mourinho!
Η μέρα που ο Jose Mourinho άλωσε το Camp Nou! – The day Jose Mourinho conquered the Camp Nou!


SIMP'S SON says:

Came here after Chelsea vs Man Utd 2-2. Ross Barkley last min equaliser then 1 of Chelsea's staff celebrated right in front of Jose. He then loses it!!😂😂🤣🤣👌

Orlando Cruz says:

Le ganó al mejor Barcelona y Messi en su mejor momento.

choozu says:

The cheats couldn't win even after the Motta sending off… Oh the sweet sweet tears of every hippy who supports Uefalona as his second team (whatever the hell that means) YEAH!

dale says:

Guardiola and Valdes. two bald cunts.

Horatio Huskisson says:

What the hell is Valdes doing?

Sith Master says:

Don't know how he won at UEFAdrid. I mean, look at him celebrating a victory that would have been Barça's weren't it for the filthy referee.

Paulo PR says:

O Barça sempre bateu tanto nele que gerou esse ódio todo aí.

Dominic Glover says:

When that guy lifted him upLooks like he was doing the superman! XD

Dominic Glover says:

Jose made me hyped whilst watching this back then, damn I miss those times

MITU RAJ says:

Mourinho lost this hunger after he left Inter

Damage 11 says:

Dislike inter, dislike mourinho, but enjoyed that one…

marco rossi says:

succhia il cazzo spagnolo di merda !!!!!

Brother Malcolm says:

That was lame.

harroudi says:

And later he is blamed Antonio Conte for celebrating after crushing his team 4-0 and ManCity players for celebrating after kicking his ass at home!!!
what a hypocrite

rizki SN says:

Pelatih songong

Tepper Hacke says:

Mourinho like a boss

Oxymoron Moron says:

Mourinho is a prick but he's well entitled to celebrate with his fans. Fuck off Valdes.

Enoch Agyekum says:

Does this and years after he goes around saying City violated them for making too much noise 😂😂😂

Kevin Ortega says:

Salty Victor Valdes!


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