Barcelona Transfer Summer : Barcelona Potential Line Up Next Season 2017 / 2018

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Barcelona Transfer Summer : Barcelona Potential Line Up Next Season 2017 / 2018

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Nicole Jones says:

Ney mar is a big sellout

Oscar Solorzano-Giron says:

Eso. Ya. No. Sirve. Es. Pólvora. Quemada ya.

Pingki 789 says:

Namun m salah bagus skali ituk barsalona

michael nyamutambwe says:

andre iniesta gone

PauloDybalaGamer_2569 says:

the players of my Barcelona in 2020

David de Gea (Manchester United)
Geronimo Rulli (Real Sociedad)
Omar Soriano (Youth Squad)
Rubén Duarte (Deportivo Alaves)
Niklas Süle (Bayern Munich)
Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool)
Andreas Christensen (Chelsea)
Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig)
Panagiotis Restos (Bayer Leverkusen)
Yannick Gerhardt (VFL Wolfsburg)
Hector Bellerin (Arsenal FC)
Pedro Gracia (Youth Squad)
Adrien Rabiot (PSG)
Mateo Kovacic (Real Madrid)
Naby Keita (Liverpool)
Granit Xhaka ( Arsenal)
Tom Davies (Everton)
Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)
Kylian Mbappe (PSG/Monaco)
Mitchy Batshuayi (Chelsea)
Patrik Schik (AS Roma)
Ignacio Vico (Junior Squad)
David Palencia(Youth Squad)
Ioritz Toribo ( Youth Squad)

Drink Y says:

Please do this with juventus

krýša Games cz says:

Neymar is in psg

Aayam Bhandari says:

who is watching this in 2018

Adoniyas Wendesen says:

Neymar jr is gone

peiyan wang says:

Where is Sergi roberto

Mohamad Shaker says:

Coutino instead of Neymar

Finu Anu says:

Neymar gone

Epic Face says:

left back Rakitic XDXD

Dco 11 says:

They’re basically the same players except Neymar in left wing I mean you could’ve done bellerin, dybala , and greizmann

PauloDybalaGamer_2569 says:

Coutinho in stad of iniesta because Phil is way youger and Dembele in staed of neymar

Dwiky Gili says:

why no continho to middel

Hi says:


Ciobi Ciobi says:

Wrong neymar gone and cuthinio is to barca an philiphinio

nikagamer /android says:

neymar are psg

sports kid says:

Neymar already went

Marcel Hawari says:

F**k Neymar

Leishan Shanglai says:


Jonathan Sanchez says:

Dembelé no neymar


Wahre is coutihno

Luis Hernandez says:

Why is rakatic a defense

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